Ltd Edition après-riding apparel

Snap up some rad, rare & totes ridic Rem T-shirts
Show some love to mountainboarding and support the Remolition enslaved robot-monkey army who keep coming up with this sh!t year after year by getting your dirty mitts on one of our delectable new limited edition T-shirts. There’s seriously only a handful of each design and some are sold out already!!!

You could be rocking the very stoopid Lego ChickenMan on your chest, or pick one of 2 ‘hilarious’ deer-based motifs from the annals of Rem history, lovingly digitally printed onto classic Fruit of the Loom/Russell T’s. Of course being white these are clearly not supposed to be riding T-shirts, more something to change into after a hard day’s slope slaying!

They’re only 15 quid each + £2.50 P&P (GB) and we’ll chuck in a load of sick stickers. Awesome.

Why not persuade someone you love to buy one for you right flipping now?

Or just treat yourself. Go on, visit the Remolition pop-up SHOP


Who you calling yellow? Lego chickenman: stoked to the max to be featuring on T-shirts