Matt Brind, World Freestyle Champion 2012

Matt Brind has been part of the UK competition and demo scene for years, and is well known for some of the biggest and best tricks including switch seven’s and the infamous double backflip. And, having just won the 2012 World Freestyle Championship in Russia we thought we should ask him a bit about it.

Matt Brind Mountainboard World Freestyle Champion

There can’t be too many mountainboarders out there who don’t know the name Matt Brind, but just in case, introduce yourself and tell us a bit about yourself.
Hi, I’m Matt, I’m 21 years old, I’ve been riding since the day after my 14th birthday and I’m studying for a degree in Maths!

Let’s get straight to it, talk us through the World Freestyle Championships. who was there, who did what?
The comp was really well run, the qualifying was pretty unique – we qualified in two groups with the top riders from each going through (a format I think I may steal for future fun comps!). There was a bit of rain during qualifying but fortunately the Sun came out for the final and we had clear blue skies and around 30 degrees! The crowd were loving it!

The riding was definitely worthy of a World’s, absolutely amazing and very inspiring seeing all the runs that were being thrown down. Everyone stepped up and raised the bar. Soo many 9s were attempted (Nicky G, Joe Dickson, Anton Shalamentsev), Nicky G threw a cab 7 in practice, and stomped it first try and did some sick nollie frontflips in the skatepark, Ollie Morrison would have been an easy top 5 (at least) had he not dislocated his shoulder on his third run! The Polish and Ukrainian riders are truly mental!

How does it feel to be World Freestyle Champion?
Pretty good, I can’t complain 😉

So, where do you go from here, what’s next?
I’m going to try get on the promo side of things, make more videos and write-ups etc, try to get some more sponsors and companies interested in mountainboarding and I’ll be trying my hardest to get into the Nitro Circus live shows in the UK this winter!

What’s your favourite trick?
It’s a tough one, but I always have the biggest smile on my face after landing a 9 or a double so I guess I’ll have to say them!

What trick would you like to learn?
The trick I am really keen to try to dirt is the ‘B’ Flip. So that for definite, and probably double corks and switch doubles, with maybe the odd bit of one footed stuff.

Any young freestylers to watch out for?
Definitely, Dawid Rzaca, Mark Adams, Emlyn Bainbridge and Connor Tyson. Give them a few years and they will be the riders to beat, no question about it!

Anyone you’d like to thank?
The ATBA-UK for money towards the trip, MBS Europe for their continued support, Ezo Brand for their awesome clothes, Hale’s Superbole for their support and amazing centre, and my family and friends for the support and lifts everywhere over the years! Cheesy sign-off, done!

Not quite, we’ve still got the Remolitional Random questions?

What’s your favourite type of cloud?
A hanging cloud

Haribo’s or Random’s?
Fruit pastiles

Who would win a Nerf gun battle between the Terminator and Robocop?
Roger Swannell

If you had a tattoo, what would it be?

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen?
Raph La Roche.

Will three-wheeled mountainboards ever make a comeback?
Magic 8 ball says ‘Yes’

And now some non-random mattimatical questions (courtesy of

How do you divide 7/19 by 3?
With a calculator.

Do you prefer Yardstick addition or Scratch addition?
My own version of Scratch.

What is long division, and why is it long?
Not that long unless you have been using it to divide algebraic formulae!

And now for some pics

 Courtesy Lei Leonard

Thanks, Matt, and well done.