MBS – The New Style (part 2)

Joel Lee chats about the evolution of their essential mountainboard components, with a closer look at the new Pro 97 and MBS’ first ever All Terrain Longboard

MBS Core 94 Mountainboard jpg

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So let’s take a look at the new Bindings…The F5. 

They feature not only on the Pro & Comps but on the Core 94 too, making it a much more serious board…

It was always gonna be hard to create the perfect binding as people wear so many different types of shoe sizes & shapes to ride in!?

Definitely, bindings can be tricky, but we’re really happy with these; Each binding has two levels of adjustment now, a ratchet on the heel-side post as usual, and a new cam-lock buckle on the toe-side.  The cam-lock buckle is like a coarse adjustment that allows people to size the binding to their feet, and the ratchet is the fine adjustment that allows people to crank down and release.  It’s standard for snowboard bindings so this isn’t anything ground breaking.  It’s just nice that it’s now available to mountainboarders.

Yep, and the integrated L bracket/Ladder is genius! Here in the UK there’s hardly any riders that dont use heelstraps… I’ve lost count of the bolts n screws i’ve lost from where my heelsraps meet the L bracket haha.

We’ve been wanting to do it for a long time actually, but it required a complete redesign of the binding, ladder straps included, not just a change to the main strap like we did from the F3 to the F4, so we kept putting it off.  But we finally bit the bullet on the mold costs and are really happy we did.

Are they more padded too?

Yeah, the padding is dual density.  We use a pretty soft memory foam in the layer closest to your foot for extra comfort.  The layer inside that is a bit stiffer to make sure they still offer real direct transfer of power from your foot to your deck, then to your trucks, and your wheels, and the earth, and so on.

We always wondered, what does the F actually stand for?

Ha –  I had to think about that for a second – Two decades is a long time to have been designing these things!  The “F” comes from the good old days of the FreeFlex bindings for anyone that remembers though.  We abbreviated those as FF so when the time came for a new version we just started with the numbers.  Do you know why we went straight from the FreeFlex to the F3 skipping over the F1 and F2 only to introduce those later?   I don’t.

Haha sorry i asked! 😀


Looking closer at the Wheels of the 2015 line-up…

For hubs we see the Twistar & Tri-spokes have gone, replaced by the ‘Five Star’…

Yes, very happy with the new FiveStars and happy to have substantially streamlined our hub line, by half actually.  Remember we had two versions of the tri-spokes?  Madness.  So much simpler now and more compatible too since all our hubs now use the same 5 bolt pattern, same hardware, same rotors, same bearings. Very clean.

The Five Star wheel takes 9” tyres so it can be more freeride orientated? The range of tyres has always been pretty good…

Yeah, they take both 8’s & 9’s. Riders wanting a nice light all-round tyre have several 8” treads options from which they can choose, from the grippy T3s all the way to the crazy fast Roadies, and now with that same hub people can opt to tackle some softer terrain with full-blown 9” T2 tyres which are not just larger diameter but much wider too.  They really allow riders to freeride some terrain they wouldn’t be able to with 8” tyres.

While talking about freeride, the 2 variant complete set-ups (Comp 95X and Colt 90X) are the obligatory beefed-up brake-boards. Guess they come with the trusty V5 Brake Kit? What’s the thinking behind the X models?

Yes, both come with brakes.  The X was originally a “plus” as in “board plus brake” but the plus tipped over and turned into an X sometime in the late 90s.  

On the Colt the brake is mostly about learning. It gives beginners a little extra confidence to give the sport a go.  On the Comp the brake is more about accessing steeper or narrower terrain. Tyres, the Comp 95X comes with 9’s, The Colt 8’s.



Cool. So I guess the original RockStar II hub was pretty close to the perfect all-rounder once the material had been refined… How then is the 2015 Rockstar II more perfect?

Ha! They’re actually the same.  We feel like the RockStar II hubs were winners straight out of the gate so we haven’t messed with them.  The only thing new is the fact they’re going on an MBS complete for the first time, the Comp 95 being the lucky winner.

And actually the Pro 97 is getting the RockStar Pro Alum hubs now. The aluminums just looked so good on that board we couldn’t resist, especially with the Dylan Warren signature engraving…  

A signature engraving on the actual hub? oooh!

Yeah, gotta love the details! 



And talking of Radface’s signature, let’s take a look at this one Pro Mountainboard

The deck is 97 in length so the stance set-up must be more like the Pro 95 rather than the Tom Kirkman Pro 100 (it’s predecessors)?

The stance is pretty similar but Dylan is actually riding with a slightly narrower stance these days and that’s the trend in snowboarding as well so we wanted to nod towards that.

What about the width – lots of riders liked the wide underfoot of the 95…

The Pro 97 is only slightly narrower than the Pro 95 underfoot.  It looks like it’d be more due to the fact that the Pro 95 waist was tapered but it’s not too much.  The Pro 97 is a full 2cm wider than the Pro 100 underfoot.  It seems perfect to us but it’ll be interesting to see how the market responds.

We spoke to Dyl recently who was so stoked to get a Signature… It must have been good for you personally in Australia to have him right there to discuss, test and push forward?

DEFINITELY. Dylan is amazing.  Awesome rider.  Steadfast Aussie.  Loyal ambassador for the sport.  Such a great person to collaborate with.  I’m really happy he’s getting some credit for all he puts into mountainboarding.


What do you say to those guys who maybe feel it’s unfair that another Pro didn’t get a Signature board, a certain Nitro Circus World Champ for instance?

Well I’m one of those guys actually!  Matt Brind is just incredible. As far as pure all-round talent goes he’s the best right now.  If all goes well with Dylan’s signature deck, we’ll definitely do more moving forward.

Dylan also hinted to us that there is a chance the graphics could change more regularly…?

Yeah, that’s the idea for sure. Possibly yearly, need to wait and look at demand and feedback before diving in!

MBS-Mountainboards-Range-2015-2016Did Dyl come up with The 97’s dark wolf/moon/metal graphic?

It was very collaborative, but yes, Dyl’s signature is on that deck in more ways than one.

So what about the graphics on all the boards… What’s the thinking on this range?

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue?  Maybe?

Is it true that all MBS graphics through time have to feature at least 1 of the following: An eagle, a wolf, a compass, the moon and some trees haha

Yes, it was ordained by the oracle in the original MBS prophecy.  No way around it now.

🙂  So now we’ve looked at all the new mountainboard stuff, can you sum up the range in 10 words or less? 😀

Try one and find out for yourself. That’s ten now!

Nice 🙂



Let’s have a little look at the first MBS All-Terrain Longboard now. It’s a 41″ drop-down deck with Navigator Drone trucks…


What’s the thinking?

It’s mainly intended to introduce longboarders to the amazing world that begins when the pavement ends.  It’s exploring the common ground between longboarding and mountainboarding but it’s definitely a longboard.  If someone is serious about mountainboarding they’ll need a real mountainboard of course – big wheels, bindings, the lot.  But the ATLB will definitely give a good taste of the dirt to a lot of board riders that aren’t quite ready to take the full plunge into mountainboarding.

We imagine it’s gonna be real good for riding sloping tarmac (asphalt) paths then going onto mown grass for instance…

Definitely.  I’ve been riding it a heap recently and I love how versatile it is, just jump on and ride.  We have some dirt roads and bike paths around here that it flies on.  Now I can slash a nice grass bank when I go to pick up fish and chips.  That’s just cool.

I obviously grab my mountainboard when it’s time to do some ‘real’ riding, but when I just go for an explore around town this it the board I’m grabbing at the moment.

Are the solid wheels like a 2015 version of the classic ‘90’s XT wheel?

Exactly. I was always amazed at what XT Wheels were capable of.  I remember seeing Dave Stiefvater ride them for the first time back in the day and thinking wow, I can’t believe he’s doing that on those.  Same goes for Austin and Leon Robbins, but I didn’t actually know them when they were riding XT.  These new wheels are obviously inspired by that but I think the fact we’re using REALLY nice urethane will allow them to be taken to the next level.  Super-high rebound. These are seriously fast. I think a lot of people will be suprised.

Cool. Longboarding is great crossover for many riders and alongside the Trampa Street Carver, this looks like it’ll blur the lines between disciplines even more.



And so what about follow up, what next? We all know mountainboarding is due the next wave of passion, a resurgence in riders, a positive shot in the arm of fresh enthusiasm if you like…

No doubt. A new wave is building right now and I feel like it’s rider driven.  I’m really excited that MBS is behind this wave with a bunch of new R&D and rider support.  I feel really good about the sport right now.

Are MBS planning any shows, demos, events, regular videos, or stuff like that?

For sure.  We’ve put a lot into R&D recently so we’ll definitely be backing it up with some good marketing. Jason is the man with the master plan.  

Yep i guess at MBS you’ve been writing the songs and recording the album, now it’s time to do the promo, go on tour, and release some killer hit singles! The latest MBS vids seem to be hitting the nail on the head in terms of style and where riders are at.. Hopefully a vid will go viral and we’ll all be amazed to see a mountainboard vid actually get a million hits! Probably need more funny cats in our videos haha.

Content is king.  We will of course continue to release a steady stream of new content that will really get everyone psyched to ride.


What else can riders, centres, manufacturers and retailers do to help mountainboarding evolve positively?


And I’d like to see everyone working together and sharing what they’re doing online and on social media.  I think mountainboarders have been pretty good with it to date which is why riders from all over the world are so tight with each other.  

Mountainboard companies have yet to reach their full social potential in my opinion though, which is why this is a big focus for us now.

It’s such a great global community and an example of the awesome side of social media.

Like 🙂 Thank you to MBS for sharing the goodness.

Thanks Remolition!  MBS REALLY appreciates all you do for the sport.






To me this isn’t all about MBS… it’s about Mountainboard Sports, whatever the brand. It’s about the progression of our weird & wonderful sub-culture.

We love it and share the good times, in the ebbs and the flows. Furthering the Freeride, pushing the freestyle:

It’s about the advancement of riders through the enjoyment of the ride. Evolution.

Keep it simple, keep on riding. Always.




The MBS 2016 range is available to pre-order: MBS.com