Mountainboard Centres Opening

Mountainboard centres are ready for 2017 season biznezz

No matter how many times you go, you’ll always have a great day at a mountainboard centre.

Although they’re all within their own bubbles, they have so much in common.

A love of riding mountainboards and wanting to share that passion.

Here are some of the centres who will now welcome you in!

Service your board and off you go.


Hales Board & Bike Park

The ex-superbole has been open for a few weeks now, at weekends and school holidays.

This progressive centre is a firm favourite for the midlands and now with the mountainbikers and other events nicely propping up the mountainboarding, we can expect the Hales team will have a killer year.

With an improved downhill track and general de-shabbifying, it could only be improved with more nigerian drumming.



Ride the Hill opened officially on 25th March;

This beautifully polished centre is always a great day out with it’s wide variety of riding possibilities and sweet drag lift.

Visit Redhill in Surrey to savour the lush surroundings and shred some serious turf what what.



HBBP or Hereford Board and Bike Park (formerly Court Farm) has been a rider fave for many a moon and is open 1st April:

Pay them a visit and say hi to Tom and the team and loads of other riders who are keen to be rolling at the opener.

Check out improvements made to the orange BX track, now way better and almost ready for the UK championships this summer, it’s had proper earth works done with berm improvements, roller re-jigs and more.

This track is more fun and flowing so go ride it!

bermprovement in progress a few weeks ago


Bugs Boarding is also open on 1st April.

AJ and Bugs crew have been building -check the smaller yet vastly improved and more playful Quarter above, and busy grooming, as you can see in the dronetastic teaser vid below…

With events planned like the Film festival returning and Pixel Distort/Stitched Boards Mount Fest (Lets get Creative!) making it’s way here for the first time.

Bugs is an amaaaazing centre (when the jumps aren’t soggy lol) and has kept keeping on since . Gert Lush.


Get in touch with the other MBC’s directly to find out when they’re open:

Find the full list of UK Mountainboard centres (and check weather etc) in our

                   Remolition Ride Planner

See you there!