Mountainboard Game!

 It’s 4-wheel Fun time courtesy of Extreme Skater by MiniClip games. Play it here then download the app for your device. Welcome to your new addiction


This is one heck of a ride! Travel at Bieran S-M-like speeds through a series of crazy courses to put your off-road wheelie board gaming skills to the test. Collect the coins as you burn around doing tricks like manuals, helicopters and triple backflip into inverted boardslides. Don’t get spiked and land perfectly for mega bonuses. Unlock awesome riders like the cheerleader, zombie, & sasquatch, and ride boards that look like Scrub Furnace Creeks, Blu Earths, a Roger Swannell invention, clouds and bananas! Now go get ’em tiger.

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 Want a video gameplay tutorial? Watch some dude own it on youtube

Get the smartphone app from iTunes or Google Play. Don’t forget to watch the awesome intro.