Look forward to your next mountainboard missions with this useful planner


UK Mountainboard Centres:



click options for your area & icons/map for more detail

weather forecast generated by the Met Office

Pre-ride Checklist:

important_Board –  Check over before you ride, service regulary

important_Protection – as appropriate – helmet, pads etc. 

important_Energy – Water / lunch / snacks / sweets

important_Phone – Fully charged? Also inform others of your plans

important_Tools  – pump, spanner, Alan keys?  spares etc 

important_ First aid – Get informed. Do you know what to do in emergencies?



Don’t forget common sense – If YOU don’t have it, make sure someone in your crew does!

Freeride Risk Assess help: 

It helps to be prepared.

Print out & take a copy of the longstanding Official Mountainboarders Freeride Code of Conduct as agreed with the Forestry Commission.



Always follow the country code.

There’s loads of freeride advice, trick tips and more in our Resources section