Never mind the rain there’s loadsa freeriding on the way

Yeah so January has been pretty much been a wash out, but who cares February is on its way!

It has been a fair few years since mountainboarding has stopped due to the winter weather here in Blighty. We normally get a week or so of snow which results in the same spots being hit on different boards. You then give it a week or so after the snow melts and you are back out there on your wheelie plank as opposed to slidey plank! This year so far it seems the rain hasn’t stopped, meaning the Remolition News Years Day Shred was “well squidgy”… Fair play to Matt & Simon for fighting their way through the floods and poor show to Smilie for being too hungover to ride. The month or so of solid rain also put pay to the Ledbury freeride, with it being postponed till we get better weather and the ground starts to at least dry up a teeny bit.

I know this may sound a gloomy way to start the year and not best way to open Rem’s first news post of 2014. Well, starteth a new month and bringeth a whole loadage of new ride-meets of both wintery flavas (freeriding and park riding) to drag your muddy-wheeled board to. So you too will have the chance to get out there and shred your funky stuff with other like-minded wheelieboardaholics 🙂

Some wheelieplanks stop for hot choc at Wendover Woods


First up on the first Sunday in Feb we have a splendid trip to crew fave ‘big ol’ W1′  Wendover Woods (2/2/14) in Bucks. Expect long runs on muddy fire roads and Smilie & Roger getting into some steep sapling-bashing. More info Here


Then( just if you are thinking this is going to another post giving details for meets in random car parks in different woods round the country – though can’t see anything wrong with that myself ‘Sm’),  Ride the Hill XBP (17/2/14) is firing up their lift and opening their doors for the 2014 season on Monday 17th for the start of half term. Then for all us with jobs and tings there a proper full opening sesh on Saturday 22/2/14: Have a gander at the FB event page for all the deets. Get down there, have a ride, and get some inspiration for their ‘Design a Jib feature and win a season pass comp’. Awesome.


Finally, the second to last sunday in February caters for all tastes in mountainboarding, with what promises to be huge meet at Lil B near Swindon on 23/2/14. It’s also a good chance to get some practice in for the downhill comp later in the year.  check the FB event page for all the info.



Well, that’s February sorted! Make your mates who are out on the white stuff well jell by having way more fun with wheels on.  2014 is shaping up nicely ;o)