New decks for demanding riders

Colab Mountainboards are getting up

Brain child of a certain Mr. Kody Stewart, Colab are a welcome new addition to the mountainboard manufacturing (garage) Industry.

Alongside Venom Boards, the Colab now offers a fantastic alternative for your underfoot planking to the long standing MBS/Trampa dominance -not including NoSno there as that’s a very different kettle of fish!
Though we’ve seen some of the World’s top riders testing the prototype decks for a couple of years, giving it some hard R&D, they’ve not been ready for the wider riding community.

That’s just changed though: after tricky times and technical issues, Colab have pushed through and just announced that they are now available for pre-orders
They’ve created a strong, light, stiff, wide deck with localised underfoot concave. It encourages going big and bold. It’s a killer deck for demanding riders. In short, a new Pro board, to be customised to your spec with your preferred trucks/bindings/etc. Sweet.

Go visit the freshly polished website to get all the information you need about the deck tech specs (easy for you to say), the top riders who’re on board, and why this deck is just so damn drool-worthy >

Click Kody’s face to visit


And of course there’s Facebook and Instagram too, social hounds. Go there for board news and bromance. #makemountainboardinggreatagain.

And it does make the podiums at this years World Championships all the harder to guess! Who’ll be where and on what?

Read the long range forecast on

Kody (left) on 2xColab World Boardercross podium


By the way, Remolition interviewed Kody a couple of years ago when the Colab first surfaced: for some reason that interview never saw the light of day!?! Say whuuuut? Criminal.

So we promise to dig it out the Rem crates and publish it this month in order to celebrate this launch of Colab.

Yes all round!

Fist bump.