New Features @ Knockhill MBC



Knockhill is probably one of the most progressive mountainboard centres in the UK. Built on the back of a ski slope on two man made hills is was always going to have an interesting layout. And when Roger took the decision and not rush into building a BX and embrace jibbing by building loads fun features. It was pretty much set in stone Knockhill MBC was going to be the home of Cream Teas and Jam. Every year Cream Teas and Jam is held at Knockhill Roger Thurston doesn’t disappoint by building new and innovative features. Making Knockhill one of the sickest centres in the UK…


This years newest feature and most unique is what Roger calls Barrels which can only be described as a giant spine. It’s going to good
to see what riders come up with on/over it on the 9th June.

Don’t just read what I have got say about jibbers paradise in East Sussex. Here’s what the man himself Knockhill mbc owner and chief lawnmower pusher Roger Thurston has to say about the place.

“Its almost everything i have ever dreamed of and starting to flow like i have always wanted, we have built a third jump on the other hill, the big air now has a re skinned quarter with no patches, the pump/spine bit has a mini built on the back, there’s new drops in lines and rails that all link up, the mini bx is a lil demon and being extended again”


If your jibbing is your thing and for some reason you haven’t already made it down to Knockhill then you totes’ need to get down there on the 8th and 9th of June. For on Saturday an ATBAUK Away Day with the mighty Matt Brind holding a Pro Clinic handing out hints and tips. Followed by on Sunday now it’s 5th year Cream Teas and Jam! Expect, prizes thrown for steeze, skills and fun, all rider judged and the traditional break for afternoon tea. We wouldn’t have it any other way :0)