New websites, old websites

In the world of mountainboarding, web participation is compulsory and here’s mountainboard website news x6!


The UK’s very own cool board & accessory manufacturer Trampa Boards have spent God knows how long creating an all new clean & bright website.

As ever there is a bewildering choice of combinations of flavours but all is now easier to navigate and see what is what.

Take the completes: you get every detail of info you could need: every part listed, schematic with measurements, and a flexometer to show your required siffness in the (still unbreakable) decks.

Their attention is unparalleled, precision engineering indeed, and the list of parts & accessories they make is fully comprehensive.

There’s also a nice load of extra-curricular to the sales too with team info, vid + pic galleries, a fledgling ride guide, and more.

There are still a few bugs they’re ironing out so do feedback to them if you find any.

Go for a look around the new Trampa site now. If you like it, head to the Trampa Boards Facebook page and help them get over 10,000 likes.




Scrub Boards, the entry & intermediate-level board manufacturer, has done away with their website entirely, choosing instead to have their main web presence on Facebook.

Scrub boards are a different fish to most- their boards are distributed so well and are in such a price structure that they simply don’t need their own online shop. They’re the most commonly available mountainboard, in retail shops and all over online shops like Amazon, ebay, and independents so can concentrate their efforts there.

It’s true that if a website is not updated regularly then it can actually be detrimental to a brand, and it sure can be a big effort just to keep Facebook lively so fair play to Scrub for having the nerve to pull the plug.

It certainly doesn’t mean the products are going anywhere, they still continue to shift masses of boards. It is a great brand that has helped heaps of peeps (including me!) access mountainboarding for the first time, and long may it continue!

Like the Scrub Facebook Fan Page to keep up to date, and like their distributor TKC Sales to keep even more up to date.



Longtime supporters of all things mountainboarding and a true ‘retailer-with-a-difference’ ATBShop have launched a new site.

The old one had stayed the same since time began and the new one is a wonder is comparison.

Functional, delightful to navigate, cool, clean, crisp and properly designed for the Now, it shows how an online retailer can hold massive amounts of product yet make it all easily accessible. Looking at products is a delight with individual banner images, a choice of viewing options, and best of all easily click through  (same page) options to see product details, delivery options, and ask questions. ATBShop have almost unparalleled customer service so it’s great to see that at every juncture you’re given the opportunity to talk it through with easy contact forms and phone numbers.

But don’t take my word for it, go and have a look about the great new ATBShop site and see what you think.


4. MBS now has an Australian department, which means they have a better network in place for riders to network and distribution to get products. Head to their Facebook Page MBS AUS to say g’day.

5. BTW Munro Boards in Australia also had a web facelift in the past few months! Check that out here.



There is soon to be a brand new mountainboard website on the block and it’s not going to be selling anything other than steezey vids. Yes is soon to drop.

The people behind it are some of the best international mountainboard film-makers out there, as well as some of the World’s best riders. With involvement from names like Matt Brind and Daydream Productions alongside tba International talent, mbtv is all set to be a great new place to go to see sick vids in one place.

Keep your eyes out on on December 1st and check the compulsory Facebook page for more news.