Nitro Circus Live

Exclusive shots from the biggest live extreme sports event on the planet


Daz ‘Dirt Monkey’ Murphy took his family (and big ol’ camera) to Earl’s Court december 2013 to see the awesome aerial antics of Travis Pastrana’s legendary crew. Going off the big ramps in mega trains were boards, bikes, scooters, bathtubs, toy cars, and more craziness, including one of our very own mountainboards. Yes between the fireworks Matt Brind did what he does best and smashed it, probably aided by his rad lime green Remolition T-shirt! With tricks & rotations getting bigger and better he stomped the double-back and more, as caught by the lens of the Dirt-Monkey. Despite being seat-locked, Daz has managed to capture the feeling of what it’s like to be a spectator at these spectacular shows… and they even got to meet some of the crew after! Buckle up…



Now smell the exhaust fumes, raise your arm to best ‘rock’ position, and taste the gnar! It’s like you are there…


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All pictures copyright Darren Murphy aka Dirt-Monkeys ’13