Och, Roadtrip Flashback!

The snaps from the Scottish leg of our epic Land’s End to John o’Groats roadtrip were never published- till now…


It was 2012. The media was winding up for the Olympics, Carly Rae Jepson was calling me (maybe) and the Rem crew were on UK tour.

There was crazy riding everyday at awesome locations from the most South Westerly point in England to the furthest reaches of Scotland over a fortnight. The epic photos of week 1 (including Plymouth, Ironsides, The Lakes, and Edinburgh) from Dirt-Monkey Daz can be found here.

There were only a few pics put up on the blog of our adventures around the Low & Highlands of Scotland and the rest of these had remained in virtual dust on the hard drive till now, the 2 year anniversary.

There was magical downhilling in Perth and Dunkeld with Dave McBean, Allen Gray, Chris Benstead and Martyn James. Bike Parks, local Inverness spots and monstrous Loch Ness with Simon Andrews. Then reaching the target at teeny John o’Groats, before rolling through the beautiful Highlands and back down south.

Now let’s go on a slideshow with the boyz and maybe it’ll inspire some road tripping in you!

We recommend viewing in separate sittings to prevent overdosing on wheelieboard freeride photo fun with the same ugly mugs 😉

1. Ben Chonzie

(Munro bagging in Perthshire)


2. Dunkeld

(Multiple downhill tracks near The Hermitage)


3. Laggan Wolftrax

(Mountainbike trails & centre in Laggan Forest)


4. Beuley Monument

(Simon’s local Beech-tree wood playground at Beuley)


5. Reelig Glen

(Braw riding at Reelig Glen Woods, Moniack)


6. Loch Ness

(Naughtiness & Nessie-spotting at Urquhart Castle, Inverness)


7. John o’Groats

(Jibbing and posing at the edge of the Orkneys)


8. The journey south

(The stunning North Coast, Highlands, and The SuperBole)




Read the stories behind these pics from May 2012 on the Rem blog

Thanks again to everyone who donated to the charitable cause we rode for, Air Ambulance (over £750 raised).

How many miles did we do in total then Leap?













Och aye, pure mental 🙂

All photos by Dan Wilson, Roger Swannell and Jon Garfitt Copyright Remolition (2012).

‘Rem Roadtrip Extras’ still to come. Maybe.