One of the UK’s biggest freestylers gets the interview treatment

Gary’s name is in the Top 10 whenever UK freestyle is mentioned. He seemed to come out of nowhere only a few years ago and pulls big, ballsy, fast, tech tricks out of his mountain boarding bag. We asked him wassuuuup…

Hey Gaz! what you been doing today?
Hey dude, Hum i’m going to spend the day on the beach checking out hot chicks while sipping on a can of coke.

Sweet. What does your average day entail?
I live the life of a rock star, I wake up, go to work, come home, have a ride on my board at knockhill then I go hit the local skate park and then go to bed.

You’ve been riding loads recently and you seem to be at all the events going! How’s the summer comps been shaping up for you so far?
Yeah they were going really well I was loving the comps enjoying the places and enjoying bringing out my new tricks.

With a lot of your riding time spent at Knockhill, we’re guessing you have a fair amount of input in the new features that have been created?
I try and help out with what I can but I’m sure I just end up in they way.

We doubt that! Your flips off the rail at Cream Teas were insane, you’re obviously confident going inverted off just about anything!
HAHA yea man love it, it was Roger’s idea to flip off the rail and well what can I say I like to push myself and the sport…

Did you see Joe D’s backflip attempt off of the rail?
I didn’t as I was robbing his van for spare parts to repair my board but I heard it was good, (backflip off this rail is mega insane!)

How are you finding your new TK Pro 100?
Sweet as, Tom and MBS pulled it out the bag on this one.

If you could have your own spec board what would you have?
Well it would have no wheels, no trucks and it would fly.

How important is competition to you- is it more about doing well or having fun?
I think comps are great, at the end of the day everyone wants to excel at what they do and comps are a good platform to show this. I aint one to do a good trick and not want to show ppl (whats the point) if I got something to show then you will see it.

Photo by Theo Acworth

You’ve been doing doing brilliantly at events such as last years’ CT & J, the 2010 RtH Vert Jam and now you’re storming through the ATBA-UK championships (first @ freestyle R1), and just missing out on the top spot at this year’s Cream Teas. What is it about comps that compels you?
I like to push myself to breaking point, it’s a buzz.

It’s pretty amazing to come out with the tricks you have so soon after getting on a board. Obviously your experiences in your other wheel-based pastimes have seen you in good stead!
Yeah this is something that people are always shocked about, and this is always my reply “in the air there are no limits, it’s the floors that is the problem, so it is not the tricks that i have to worry about it is the landing that I have to master”

So riding blades got you used to rotating, going big and grinding rails…
If you say so.

We do, lol! You rode with a crew of inline skaters in Eastbourne… Have you changed any of your mates minds about their prefered form of wheeled-ride?!

Shame… How does the mountinboard scene compare to inline? They’re both pretty niche, although inlining is bigger I guess- it’s got a real, paper magazine & everything! πŸ˜‰
Ha Ha its completely different, skating is all about being sociable, meating new people all the time and hatting on scooters. In mountain boarding it is hard to make friends who live close as it is a minority, don’t get me wrong I have made some amazing friends from Eastbourne but there are no boarders of my age to hang with that is the only anoying thing but saying that I have made friends all other the place and have meet some v cool people.

How did you get into doing inline demos?
Well after I set up the crew coast bladers, we got approached by a local skating association who hocked us up with demos to do. Simple as.

So is that when you did White Air and met mountainboarding? How did you first get on a board go then?
Yeah, the year off attempting a double backflip on my skates, errr what a silly idea, I had never even attempted anything like it (I landed on my head). Yeah I think I steped on a board there but it wasn’t that great and didn’t spark my interest in the sport, I was still a cynic.

So doing White Air in ’07 on blades and 2 years later doing it on a mountainboard is quite an acheivement!
Yeah since I was a kid I have been doing extreme sports and I loved watching the local boys at the skate park ripping it and for me to drop in knowing that I just might inspire a kid to get off their silly computer consoles and get out and get a life. It was cool.

Do you still ride inline at all?
Well Eastbourne got a new skate park a little while ago so I thought ill pick up the skates and get back on it so for a little while now I have been skating again.

Back on board, are you currently sponsored? What’s the deal at the mo?
Na, I would of liked to get on to MBS as its the only board I enjoy riding.

How much freeride do you do? Is it a different mindset?
Loads in the winter its non stop but in the summer I don’t do any as knockhill is all you need. Yeah its a right buzz bombing behind Roger, Craig, and Jason while nearly hitting trees, the best times. So many laughs.

Where would you most like to ride?
Tom K’s back yard. I still ain’t had time to get down there, oh and Josh Maddox’s one, and Ben Rye’s. I love the backyard set ups.

Any tips for someone wanting to improve in the freestyle side of mountainboarding?
Yeah get down to your local centre for the ATC training camps, real pro’s advice.

What would a perfect days riding be in the world of Mr Gary C?
Hitting the winterberg jumps with Roger and Jason, they couldn’t get out last year and I was gutted that it wasn’t a shared experience.

You’ve stepped up to the pros: riding (and breakdancing!) alongside some of the best in the world. Thoughts?
Gash- them boys ain’t got nothing on me when it comes to hitting the dance floor LOL! It is sweet riding with the top boys and being pushed by them, everyone rides different and you learn so much.

That’s a great comment to finish on, Cheers Gary.. Before we go, any last words & shouts?
Well for now I’m gonna step out of the world of mountain boarding and give it a break, so a big thanks to Roger and Kim for putting up with me and teaching me everything I every needed to know about mountain boarding, Jason and Teeny for pushing me and coaching me on my double flips nice one to the whole knockhill crew. And thanks to all the friends that I have made on my journey.

Big thanks to Rem for the cool coverage of the sport and ATC & BFC for documenting their enjoyable media.

Word πŸ™‚ Finally, the oft-imitated remolition sure-shot crossfire quickfire question time!

Metal or plastic?

Red or blue tyres?

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Not as many as Lester

Beer or cider?

Tea or coffee?

Hot chocolate or chocolate milkshake?
Hot Chocolate

Gaga or Beyonce?

Sweet 360 or sketchy backflip?
Sweet 360

How big would a mountain board have to be to be the first ever mountain board bus?
Why don’t you tell me what came first the chicken or the egg?

Have you ever been to Wooloomooloo?
Yeah I was there yesterday!

Who’d win: 100 duck-sized elephants or 1 elephant-sized duck?
The ducks would win in a flying comp.

What do you do on a Thursday?
Work then Gymnastics. Why what do you do fancy a date?

Octagon or nonagon?
Gotta be the octagon as I dont have a clue what the other one is.

Last album bought?
Placebo Meds

Current TV ‘must see’?
BBC news

Most hated celeb?
Tom kirkman, he is too good

You would like….?
No, you would like?

Any good places to eat round here?

Cheers Gary, it’s been a pleasure! Hope to see you back on board or if not then on the dancefloor soon πŸ™‚

Vids from the Web:

Gary on the Flow section @ Knockhill MBC

Knockhill MBC Cream Teas and Jam ’10, look out for Gary’s Dope hand plant at the end of the vid!

Many thanks GC. Props.


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