Party in The Park at Bugs

party in the park

On the weekend of the 18th & 19th August 2012, popular mountainboard centre Bugs Boarding in Gloucestershire hosted their version of a new type of event that’s been popping up recently combining fun, progressive & generally sick riding, with evening partying & live music forwardslash raving it up n’ ting. Bugs’ version was Party in the Park; So what happened?

Well, the centre was looking good, the word PARTY mown in massive letters onto the hillside. Unfortunately the naughty weather had bogged a lot of the big jumps & hippy pipe meaning they couldn’t really be ridden.. Anyway, saturday had a slow start as riders trickled in. Tents went up, the crew did some hula-hooping, lessons started, and some mountainboarding went off. Amon Shaw, Emlyn Bainbridge, Ben Searle and a load of other Bugs riders sessioned before Lucy Loop got the barby started while some amateur bands played and then it was suddenly full-on rave & mega-campfire time. Glow sticks abounded and muchos fun was had by all…

Sunday saw a lot of muggy boneheads mope about before getting round to some playful mountainboard shenanigans in the afternoon… The BFC boys had neglected to show for their Ice Cream Sundae so everyone got busy on the jib park, playing Skate, and generally having some fun with rails, wedges, mini-ramps, fun boxes, and all that jazz: Diaprod did some filming & sweet riding, Joe Dickson manualled about the place, Matt Brind turned up fresh from winning the ATBA’s Downhill competition in Wales the day before and in true Duracell Bunny style proceeded to ride non-stop, Ride the Hill’s terrible threesome (Ieuan, Tony & Alan) jibbed their hearts out, and mr blue sky even popped out for a bit.

All in all a great fun mini-event/meet-up/rave that, as stated on the flyer, was

definately NOT a comp 🙂

Here are a few flix…



Photos n that by Dan Wilson