Rad Dads

It started as 3 mountainboarders with a passion for freeriding and has evolved into an event-holding, comp-winning, gnar-shredding UK collective… Clayton drops in



“You need to ride more – preferably with Team Dad!

For Team Dad it’s all about getting out, riding as much as possible and shouting about it to try and encourage others to join us.

We don’t let our busy lives stop us, early mornings, after work, after dark, surprise boarding days, and occasionally we even take the family with us.

Our family constraints sometimes keep us from riding the traditional hours boarders usually shred at.

Instead we’re forced down dark alleys to ride at time of day when people usually do other things down dark alleys. Innocence has always been proclaimed whilst visiting well known dogging spots on dark nights. To bolster flimsy excuses of a good gradient Team Dad became experts on cheap, high power torches to provide light for filming.


Why? Apart from the simple fact that Mountainboarding is the greatest sport EVER, because we believe the best way to promote Mountainboarding is to get people out riding, be they past riders with dusty old decks, or complete newbs.

We are pretty lucky to be based in Cheltenham, nestling halfway along the Cotswold escarpment we are spoilt for choice of local riding spots including; Randwick, Birdlip, Dursley, The Forest of Dean, oh yeah and some place called Cleeve Hill (Birthplace of it all:)


TeamDadLogoObviously this all makes for fantastic content and it wasn’t long before our Facebook page exploded. Our team, forged from a trio of middle aged fathers, who have a passion for freeride and downhill, grew into an all encompassing group of gnarly boarders.

Moving forward with such a strong committed Team is good, however we’re always hungry for more. To encourage growth and new members, we have started Team Dad Sunday sessions.

This involves allowing people who want to try mountainboarding to meet with us in a large safe-ish field and strap themselves, or their children, to a plank of  wood with wheels. So far this has scored one potential new recruit and a number of joyus shouts of “Dad can you buy me a mountainboard?”. It fair warms my stoke gland.

Dadsters-funday1 Dadsters-funday2 Dadsters-funday3

Although we are a non competitive, non ego driven, supportive team, we do have a number of accreditations belonging to our members.

Masters, Overall downhill, Boardercross, Seniors are all among our Team’s accomplishments.

To support mountainboarding further we have decided to enter into more competitions. Not for the glory but mostly for all the hot chicks.

We’re currently shortlisting riders to fill our missing team capabilities before we kidnap them and commence brain washing.

Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instragram and Pornhub or follow our hashtag #2016YearofFreeride for the the freshest four wheeled nectar.

See you in the Gnar, Stoke junkies.”


Join them soon. You don’t have to be a Dad, but it can help.

The next ride-out is the annual Lake District mission that is the Whinlatter Freeride Meet on July 1st-3rd 2016.

Expect some of this:


To read their great stories, watch videos and join in with the adventure go to the Team Dad Facebook Page

Words by Clayton Coleman

Photos by Team Dad Associates and The Remolitionaries

Riders in the pics include: Clayton, Mark, Rhys, George, Dale, Tristan, Roger and many more 🙂