#RBYJS The Short List

More important than the BAFTA’s and the only list you can call tell your Mum & your sponsor you’re on! :op

So after last weeks announcement, here’s the short list of all the riders with a hot ticket to #RBYJS 2013

Aiden ‘mule’ Beamish

Sponsors: Knockhill MBC, Plumpton College

Aiden is one of those riders who makes a regular appearance near the top of the results table but isn’t quite on the podium! This can be seen with Aiden’s impressive 4th place finish in the seniors freestyle last year! That being said this year could definitely be Aiden’s year, after a winter of riding skateparks and getting down some sick new tricks (can anyone say Mctwist?!?) he’s riding better than ever and is definitely going to make a big impression at #RBYJS! The most recent addition to the jib-tastic Knockhill-MBC team we’re expecting some exciting stuff from Aiden in round 1!”








Ben Searle

Sponsors: MBS, Bugs Boarding
Ben is one of the latest additions to the MBS Europe team, he’s only 16 but has already been ripping for 5 years so is a great rider with plenty of time to progress before his joints give out on him! He’s a Bugs Boarding local who now rides for the team so has plenty of Jib experience to bring to our hosts parks for the #RBYJS 2013











Andy Brind

Sponsors: Ride the Hill
The better looking and far more stylish of the Brind brothers, Andy has been riding for a fair few years but has recently started to really come into his own. Having appeared on TV with Ride the Hill and competed at almost every competition going in the last few years, he’s moving out from his older brother’s shadow and staking a claim to his own slice of mountainboarding. Two big parts of that have to be winning the ATBA-UK Seniors freestyle in 2012 and having just been signed by Ride the Hill.









Mark Adams

photo by Andy Rolfe


Sponsors: MBS

Mark is one of the little rippers who is lucky enough to call Hales Superbole his local centre. He seems to have come out of nowhere last season and started ripping it! And getting signed by MBS at the start of the season means he’s not short of talent. I’m yet to ride with Mark but am looking forward to seeing if his jib skills are transferable from the super jib park at Hales to our host’s backyard jibbing set-ups.











Ryan Roberts

Sponsors: Ride the Hill
Ryan started late in the sport but has been riding for 5 years now and has some unique tricks under his belt. Anyone that has seen Ryan backflip can attest to this and will understand why we call them the Ug flip! Along with his crazy backflips, Ryan also has some great jib tricks like his 5-0 fakie (including a switch 270 in), bonk fs boardslides and a mental trick that I know no-one else has done. All I’ll say is, it’s called a Nodeo!










Toney Newsome

Forget about Kony; Stop Toney 2013! Toney has been hanging about in a haze of smoke at Ride the Hill for a long time and has become one of the best jibbers out there. Anyone present at Cream Teas and Jam 2012 will agree with this after Toney threw down some crazy FS smith 180 out’s on the big down rail and bagged himself 2nd place overall. Toney is definitely one to watch in this jam and we all have to try and talk him into trying a Whirlybird (kind of a 720 backflip, but mental) again!










Angus MacDonald

photo by Nick Kennard

Sponsors: Hales Superbole

Angus is another one of the young riders from the sickness breeding program at Hales who can often be seen slamming his face into quarter pipes. Face slams aside, Angus has a sick bag of tricks which would put most of us older riders to shame!













Joe Dickson

photo by Alexey Molotov photography

Sponsors: MBS
Joe is a legend of a rider who needs no introduction…
In all seriousness Joe is a stalwart of the UK scene and has been riding for years. He was one of the first riders to try a double backflip and was the second UK rider to land it, only minutes after Matt Brind (or minutes before if you believe the conspiracies!) Joe is a constant placement on the podium at any competition he enters so we’re all expecting some sick riding at #RBYJS 2013











James Wanklyn

Sponsors: Trampa Boards, Ironside’s Court Farm
James is a another rider who has been on the scene for as long as I can remember. In the last couple of years James has started to make a real name for himself and a recent addition to the Trampa squad. He proved himself by knocking Matt Brind off the National Freestyle podium. It’s going to be good to see if James and Matt end up on different teams, to see if James can do the same with his jibbing skills.













Mark Hale

Sponsors: Hales Superbole, rubrub
Mark is the owner/manager of the eponymous Hales Superbole and has been throwing down some seriously sick tricks as he attempts to keep up with all the young riders he’s developing up north! Judging by the jib set-up he’s put together at Hales we can expect some great tricks from Mark!













Sam Nicholas

Sponsors: Trampa Boards
Sam had been riding forever and is Trampa through and through! Hard riding, harder partying almost always late, but a great rider and a great laugh when he arrives! Sam is the owner of some of the biggest laid out flips in the sport and will backflip basically anything first try, including the Goliath ramp at NASS festival!













Alan Newman

Sponsors: Ride the Hill

Long standing Ride the Hill team rider and a man who likes to see progression. Whether its innovative new competition formats or jib tricks, Alan likes to be at the centre of it. When it comes to riding, expect Alan to either be pushing himself, or pushing you to stomp that new line or stunt. A major asset to any team.













Matt Brind

Sponsors: MBS,EZO Brand,Dirty Dog eyewear, Hales Superbole

Matt Brind is probably the least know of on the list and hasn’t really done anything of significance. Apart from going on tour with Nitro Circus, winning the World Freestyle champs and taking the top overall and BX titles last at the ATBA-UK Series. All this while running the ATBA-UK freestyle comps. His other contribution is introducing his little Brother Andy to the sport. Again another good pair to watch if they end up different teams and sibling rivalry kicks in. Or maybe more worryingly if they end up on the same and they unite to form some sort of mega steeze machine.












Team captains

Will McAuley

Sponsor: Ride The Hill

Will is one of our team captains and is the host of the First round of #RBYJS 2013, he has also just been picked up by Ride the Hill and will be rep’ing them for the first time at the jam. His backyard park has been steadily growing in the run up to the competition so we are anticipating a great first round with Will showing us exactly how to ride his park!










Connor Tyson

Sponsor: Bugs Boarding

Connor is Will’s partner in crime and a co-conspirator in the construction of his backyard park. Coming back from a recent broken arm resulting from riding to hard at last years Ride the Hill Game of XBP season closer. I’m sure he’s planning on riding harder than ever at this years events and from the look of it has already got all his tricks back without further injury! It’ll be pretty interesting to see what Will and Connor can do with the home team advantage!





Amon Shaw

Sponsors: MBS, Bugs Boarding
Amon is our second team captain and will be hosting the second round of the series. Most riders should be aware of Amon now since he won Cream Teas and Jam 2011 and bagged himself an MBS sponsorship. I’ve been lucky enough to ride with Amon a fair few times and he always impresses, usually by landing a trick I’ve wanted to do for ages. Aside from his back garden Amon rides mostly at Bugs although does his best to pop up at various other comps. One definite highlight of #RBYJS 2013 is going to be seeing some of the sick tricks thrown over Amon’s hedge jump!











Emyln Bainbridge

Sponsors: MBS, Bugs Boarding
You’d have to have gone no where near facebook in the last few years not to have become aware of Emlyn. One of the most prolific video posters form the younger generation as part of Diamond Productions, on top of this he also bagged 3rd in the ATBA-UK Pro freestyle and has 720’s in his trick bag. I think we can expect some pretty rad things from Emyln!









“Yeah, that’s a pretty swede list al’right but how did you sort it out?”

After a bit of thinking we thought it would cool to invite a mix of  up and coming riders, riders who have been in the game for a while and peeps with a rep for some buttery jib skills. That sorted we then thought to it would be cool if an invite to #RBYJS was a reward for riders who have  put out rocking edits, been at the top of their skills or bagged some tasty silverware the year before the series (2012 for this #RBYJS).

There you have it, you know what you have to do to get an invite if we do another Backyard Jam series. Get out there, put some sick edits together and show our spies you have got rad skillz!

Bio’s by Alan Newman, Matt Brind.

Intro/out-tro plus a few edits by Smilie

Photo’s from the web and Rem archive by various photographers