Rem Updates Yo!

Just to let you know we’ve updated & improved a few things, getting ready for a shedload of wheeled shenanigans this Spring…


1. The Remolition Calendar ’14 has been updated and now includes all International events that’ve been announced so far, including All UK comps, World Mountainboard Day, the European Downhill Championships and the World BX Championships. Being mountainboarding, some details are still sketchy on some events but we’ll add more info as tings are confirmed, trust!

WorldBX14 timthumb.phpEuropeanDownhill-Mountainboard-Championships14



2. The Remolition Links Hub has also had a big sorting out. It’s hopefully now much easier to find what you’re looking for, and undisputedly the most comprehensive and biggest list of current Mountainboard related websites/pages/shiz anywhere on t’internet!

There have been additions made, and better categorisation (with International sites now region based, and Media & blogs separated out)… Obviously some sites are hard to pigeonhole but hopefully it all makes sense 🙂

If you have links you’d like to add please use our easy contact form to let us know!


RemSauce3. The Remolition Shop now features some rad new stickers. Add some hard-wearing Sauce to your board, helmet, journals, beer bottles, whatever. They are available here online alongside the last few grey, green & purple T-shirts, and will also be at most of the ATBA-UK comps this year..

The ‘Sauce Label’ and ‘Peng Deer Head’ Stickers will NOT be given away: they are exclusively for Contributors & customers so if you want some for free, send us some content! We want your mountainboard stories, pictures, reports from your event, tips, whatever. If it’s good enough to get published, you’ll get some of these sexy stickaz. Or just buy some 😉


4. Make sure you check out the latest ‘Vids Of The Moment‘ yo!


Also, Features coming soon: New Wave Mountainboard Building, Rider fashion, A Rem Interview, Best of Rem Covers, Art Smorgasbord, and probably more..