Remolition Demolition!

Many people ask what ‘Remolition’ means.

Some might say it’s a moniker to confuse mountainboarders that have had one donk on the lid too many; a typo, or something to do with reloading ammunition- locked n loaded, ready to roll, that kind of thing. Could be something to do with the fact there can be no creation without destruction, and vice versa, a phoenix from the flames, etc.

Truth is it stems from some random graffiti seen on a demolition/construction site that was perfect for an afternoons jibbing.

Yes, the affliction that we have of scoping the land for lines – on tv, in magazines, and especially from the car or train, has progressed to building sites.

You know the kind, huge mounds of earth, massive steel grindable girders, and JCB’s that look like pimped-up rides, ready to shred dirt and buildings.

Like skateboarders reinterpreting uses for the street’s architectural features, so mountainboards reclaim the Land, natural and man-made. The building site, for all it’s lethal danger and rules and regulations, would be an ATB playground, purely in our mountainboarding minds.

Obviously, it would be CRAZY in reality and should remain hidden away forever behind never-ending fencing…

Luckily however, thanks to the magic of photoshop, you don’t need to just imagine what it would look like. This fake photo-shoot by Dan Decreate Wilson will show you. You just need to dream of what it would feel like…

Remolition. Destroy creatively. Enjoy.