Remolition Evolution

Rem Central undergoes changes and there’s all new stuff in our shop. Too dench by half, Mr. Bizzle.


As you may have noticed (or probably not), Rem started it’s transformation cycle a couple of weeks ago and all is nearly in place.

We’ve launched the latest limited edition Tshirts, there was only 25 made and they’re going quick so get in there if you want one in these colours.. There will also be some more cool stuff added to the shop soon, including all new stickers, exclusive Artwork and very limited edition Tea-drinking receptacles!

So Rem-Central, that which you are reading right now, has had a minor facelift but more importantly we’ve been re-structuring things to bring you the best Mountainboard Sauce we can, including updating various resources. Soon the site will be responsive too, meaning if you’re looking at this on a tablet etc, your viewing experience should be improved…

One of the main changes though is we’ve said goodbye to Remolition-news as a separate web-entity. It was nice to have all new releases from mountain boarders everywhere on one site, but it had to be manually updated & took us away from what we do best, spreading ourselves too thin. (Some of the old content will wing it’s way back in here soon too as an archive of news from 2013)…

So this is the new news, we hope you approve.

Of course Rem Extra- the blog, will still be continuing with the usual side-order of mountainboard magic & madness. Hoorah.

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If you have any suggestions about, like what we could do to improve things or what you wanna see more of etc, use the easy contact form. Cheers!