Remtastic Colouring Time

Yes! Grab your coloured pencils & felt tips coz it’s super-happy rad colouring-in, Remolition Mountainboard Style


 Loads of you riders out there are experimenting with life creation: breeding your own mini-consumers who hopefully will be shredding gnar with you for years to come as you descend into the autumn of your wonderful/miserable existence. These nippers need motivating and your trusty Rem is here to provide arty dirtboard-related fun for when the rain is coming down, you’re on a long car journey to ThorpLand Towers of Adventure (or just the local SpAsda), or generally when the kids are screaming “sooooooo boooooooooored”.

Yes our wonderful robot-art-monkeys have been slaving away to produce these hyper-fun colouring pages for you to print out. There are not just pics for ickle girls & boys though; teenage stoners, students and parents are catered for too, and hopefully YOU may be inspired to print some of these humorous line-drawings out and break out the crayons to bring them to life! It’s mindfulness don’t you know…

Remember to pause the slideshow on the pics you want, then drag/right click & save to your desktop, print out actual size, select your weapons of choice and get colouring with some of your favourite characters & cartoons as they shred some serious gnar. Woop woop!


And Hey you mountainboard centres! Why not print these out and give ’em to your groms after they’ve had a lesson? Everyone will love you. Fact.

Happy riding and happy colouring.


All homages, mickey-takes, ripped-off images with blatant disregard for copyright, and originals by Wilz @ Decreate @