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Plan ahead for your mountainboard missions:

weatherWhat’s the weather doing?

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CodeofConduct Can you definitely ride there?

 Download & print out a copy of the Rider’s Code of Conduct





important_Board – Remember to check your tech occasionally!  bindings, trucks, wheels. Tyre a bit flat? Got a screw loose?

important_Pads – helmet, wrist guards, elbow / knee / butt pads, etc. Wear what you need for the type of riding you’re about to do!

important_Hydration / energy - Water / lunch / snacks / sweets. i.e. take some FOOD & DRINK YO!

important_Mobile Phone – Fully charged? And if you’re going solo let someone know where you’re going!

important_Tools / spares – pump? wheel spanner, alan keys? complete spare wheel etc. Risk assess!

important_BritishRedCross First aid – Get informed. Do you know what to do in emergencies? Head to the Red Cross now.

And don’t forget common sense – If YOU don’t have it, make sure someone in your crew does!


pointersRemember: It ain’t about the destination, it’s about the journey there…


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