Rey De La Montaña

An article from the Sun of Columbia; Rey De La Montaña Festival

3 years have passed since the last “big” mountainboard competition in Colombia. At that time the event was a huge success in terms of rider participation. Athletes traveled from 6 Latin American countries, and Kody Stewart came from the US. The energy was high despite a last minute venue change because of the weather. This 2018, “El Rey de la Montaña” came back full throttle with a short and fast track. Several riders from an emerging community in Costa Rica, people from 3 other countries, and a special guest. Jereme Leafe made a special trip down from the United States and inspired us all.

This time, the competition was part of a larger action sports festival held over three days in Moniquirá, Boyacá. The town near the ‘Land of the Free’ track. Everyone from the mountainboard community had something to do. Mountainboard athletes did some technical tricks during the skateboard competition and helped out during the longboard day. Showing that we can (and should, for the sake of mountainboarding) get involved with other action sports. As part of a bigger community that should aim to grow together.

Now, into our business. It was an awesome day of competition and a great demonstration of our sport to all who attended. With enough time to ride and work on the track the week before it was riding fast. On competition day every athlete was able to go as fast as they could from the beginning until the end of the downhill timed rounds! The track looked easy at first sight, but actually had a few tricky spots where the outcome of a race could completely change if a mistake was made. On the second corner of the track, where almost every rider focused on getting it right to make a clean run, was a race changer. The first downhill round was clean for almost everyone. It was a clear message on who the favorites were going to be. The second and third rounds of timed racing had the most risk. With everyone pushing in order to improve their first round time. This is where the steep and sharp second corner became a challenge for most of the athletes. Eventually only Jereme Leafe was able to master the track clean in all 3 rounds. In the end, Jerry Ogro from Brazil, Christopher Arce from Costa Rica, and Jereme Leafe made the fastest passes and ended with the first three places in the Downhill competition.

After a well deserved break, with the Colombian sun above everyone’s heads, and a nice lunch, it was time for the main event! No one was disappointed as it was a show worth being seen! We had a great atmosphere and the will of every rider to do their best. That’s the best way to define those almost 3 hours of competition. A classic mix between the fastest and the slowest in the downhill competition gave us the first 3 races with no surprises. That is until it became more even between athletes in their classes. The second corner and the adrenaline did its thing to put 3 underdog riders on the winners side!Then things became really interesting. With only one spot left to fill the winners side of the bracket and whoever wanted to fill the position having to win at least 3 consecutive races with no rest between. This is where the hero of the day makes his appearance. After a surprising defeat in his first race, Marco Montero (Costa Rica) did work and raced hard to get to the top! By that, I mean it. He made his way to the final (after more races than any other rider) and was rewarded with second place running against the champion Jereme Leafe! On his way he had some awesome contenders and had to face his fellow countrymen defeating Rolando Chinchilla and Chris Arce in an epic semifinal that had everyone nerves on hold.

In the end, a top to bottom train with all the riders was a great closure to thank the public for its support. Some important messages to share, after mountainboarding with athletes from many different countries. IT’S UP TO US TO KEEP MOUNTAINBOARDING ALIVE. It’s up to us to share the love and be involved. It was amazing to see how the people from Costa Rica were dominating the track and having so much fun. In what was, for most of them, their first competition and track day ever! That’s the way to do it, fellows! Surely, that’s the way to grow the sport. So a special mention to Rolando Chinchilla must be made for his work with mountainboarding in Costa Rica. It’s also important to point out the tremendous amount of work that Luis Soto had to go through to make this event possible!! In the meantime, the call is for everyone to get involved and do our best to revive all those competitions around the world that make mountainboarding a greater sport!



This time we had people from the U.S, Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama/Belgium (yes, like that), Mexico and Colombia united around mountainboarding! Next time let’s aim to have people from every country! You are all welcome to come ride, have fun (with aguardiente included) and enjoy some good views!

Words and Pictures by Mountainboard Colombian Community – check out more pictures on their Facebook page!