Rhythm Cross – All New Racing!

The first ever Rhythm X Series is launching this year – all the info you need

Wait, what is this Rhythm Cross thing we speak of?!

Rhythm X (Cross) is the Four Man Boarder X you know and love but on a BMX track.

All across this great country there are BMX tracks built to a standard that at present mountainboarders can only dream of. The tracks are wide and the berms are big static tarmac waves of racing goodness. These tracks can be ridden by anyone who can pump and keep their speed through the use of features. In terms of possible overtaking manoeuvres, if Boarder X is F1 then Rhythm X is NASCAR- so it’s definitely going to be exciting!


Everyone is welcome to come and get involved, as long as you know how to generate speed on features such as rollers, table tops and berms. After the start gate roll in there is no more gravity assist, it’s all you!

Okay, cool. So how do I get involved?

Leon Dove and Scott Leadbitter have arranged 3 free to ride events all leading up to a forth grand final in the indoor British Cycling Centre in Manchester. The dates of the events are as follows:

April 22nd       Willington Rhythm X – County Durham, England

June 3rd      Mid Lancs Rhythm X – Coppull. Lancashire, England

August 12th    Ghost Riders Rhythm X – Crewe, Cheshire. England

Oct 1st – TBC   UK Rhythm X Championship – Manchester, England

The three outdoor races will be one day events kicking off at 12pm with four man racing.

Everyone will get four qualifying races before the knockouts (other formats may possibly be tested on the day; the idea really is to have a great time with as much riding as possible with your mates!).

Everyone will race together with the exception of groms, positions in relation to sex and age categories will be worked out by the most successful rider in an a category taking 1st place for that category.

Once a winner has been declared, the rest of the day will be filled up with friendly races until everyone is done, or sweet revenge has been taken!

The final championship in Manchester will have an entry fee (TBC) and will kick off at 2pm. This will only be a 2 hour event and racing will kick off pretty sharpish to 2pm so it is best to arrive a fair bit before hand. It will be the same format of racing than the previous three events (unless a better format is found). The winner of this event will be crowned the Champion of Rhythm X and take home a super shiny trophy.

Awesome! Anything else I’m going to need?

It’s highly recommended to bring a race face that has power equal to or exceeding Blue Steel.

Other than that, you’ll just need all your usual Mountainboard kit (helmet, pads, YOUR BOARD) and a good packed lunch. Some pennies for an after racing beverage in the closest local is also recommended.

Now, this just in! Let’s go over to reporter Jack Chew for more…



Rad, we’ll see you there?

You sure will!

Big thanks to Amon Shaw for the RhythmX edit and the ATBA-UK for the help and support in making this possible!