Ride The Hill’s Big Weekend 2012

Rem’s latest contributor Connor Tyson brings us words & pictures from RTH’s Birthday Big Weekend at XBP Priory in Surrey, with a vid by WCproductions…

The weekend of the 21st – 22nd April 2012 was the second annual Ride The Hill BIG Weekend, and what a weekend it was!

The weather was not looking good for the weekend. Rain was forecast for both Saturday and Sunday, however this did not put off the riders…

On Saturday morning lots of mountainboarders arrived at XBP, some local and some not so local- Bugsboarding’s 16 year old team rider Amon Shaw even travelled by himself on four trains all the way from Nottinghamshire to get there for the weekend; Now that is dedication to the sport! Some of the many other riders included Matt & Andy Brind, Gary Crowhurst, Matt Wright and local rider Jordan van Huis who went on to throw his first backflip on a ¼ pipe since the end of 2010.
As the day progressed there was no sign of any rain or bad weather so riders started to practice for the comp ahead. Before the Vert Jam started a large group of riders started to form above the ¼ pipe as last minute runs went ahead…

The quarter pipe comp began at around 2:00. Okoru, featuring the Demo Mode & Dream Warriors were playing some sweet tunes. XBP centre manager Andy Packer was commentating and the riders were pulling out some sweet tricks. Matt Wright aired the ¼ for the first time, RTH Team rider Ryan Roberts did some smooth as’ backside 5.0 to fakie stalls, Jordan van Huis tried a back flip on the 1/4, Jonny Wheeler also tried a back flip and ended up with a friction burn below his nose after face planting slightly (although it was his first ever try, man points go to him for getting up straight away and not making a fuss out of it !).

Amon Boardslid’ the 20ft white pipe (on the run-up to the Q), landed a couple of Mctwists and generally did some sick riding having never even ridden at XBP before! Towards the end of the Quarter Pipe competition MBS Team rider and current UK Champ Matt Brind bombed it down the hill to attempt some HUGE 720s, sadly he didn’t quite land any but he was very close! (also, Brindy made up for not landing a 7 on the quarter pipe with some super clean Mctwists, rodeos, 540s and many more tricks on the quarter!) Gary Crowhurst also retained his reputation with some stylish hand plants, 360s and a step up front flip!

After the Quarter Pipe comp was over we all headed over to the jib area to vote for our favourite riders so far and take part in the Big air comp, Jib-lympics and round two of the “World sweetcase championships”. Many riders (including myself) hit the all new “Resi Ramp” and threw down some wicked tricks… Gary did a couple of 7’s, Matt Wright did some clean backflips and palm airs, Brindy did some ‘sweet’ Sweetcases, I did some backflips, Jonny did a backflip, Jordan did a backflip and Amon threw some flips, 540’s and a couple of switch 3’s!

After the Vert Jam was over the results were announced:
U16s Winner: Matt Wright
U25s: – 1st place: Gary Crowhurst
2nd place- Matt Brind
3rd place- Amon Shaw
Most hardcore rider: Jonny Wheeler
Most stylish rider: Gary Crowhurst
Rider with the biggest smile: Joe Gauntlett

We then said goodbye to all the riders that had just come for the day and started to put up our tents and have a BBQ. Amon & I then took the opportunity to have a couple of runs on the Super-X before it got dark and started to lightly rain (which luckily was the only rain we had all weekend).

Sunday was the second ever “Great Descent” competition. This was were 5 riders picked at random would battle it out in 90 seconds on the Slopestyle and Super-X race course. Points were awarded for speed, style, originality and technical difficulty.

Some practice runs on the slopestyle area went down in the morning and Amon landed his first ever rodeo on the Resi as well (Congrats to him for that!).
The Great Descent competition started at around 1:30 and it is safe to say that some very stylish riding went down that afternoon…

Adam Studholme did a very smooth Seatbelt grab on the Salmon, Jordan landed a backflip on the quarter pipe, Amon back flipped the TRAMPA kicker having never even hit the jump before and Matt Wright picked up Ieuan and ollied off of the picnic bench with him!
The final was made up of Matt Wright, Amon Shaw and Ryan Roberts. They all did some wicked tricks but there could only be one winner…
After the Great Decent was over Matt Wright & I both landed our first ever boardslides so we were happy with that to finish off a rad weekend of riding!

After counting up the points the results were announced:
The Great Descent:
1st place: Amon Shaw
2nd place: Matt Wright
3rd place: Ryan Roberts


The Ride The Hill BIG Weekend over all winners were…
You’ll have to go to the Ride The Hill Facebook page to find out! 🙂

Words by Connor Tyson, pics by Connor, Darren Tyson, & whoever else was holding the camera lol