Round 1 @ Will’s Place. The Analysis

dmb2Like Match of  Day for footy fans, I’m going rake over the bones and make for some sweeping statements about what went down in Will’s garden on Saturday.

No doubt you will have seen/followed/briefly-looked-at the posts we put up on the day and will know it was a draw with the spot prizes going to  Connor Tyson (Steeze Master), Emlyn Bainbridge (Ripper), Matt Brind (Line Master), and Amon Shaw (Jib Master). This of course isn’t the whole story. All of the spot prizes were hotly contested and match itself was very much a game of two halves.

Teams in Two Halves

The first half was kicked off by the dark team (Will’s team) hitting the rails and kickers on mass and then being followed in by the light Team (Amon’s Team) in a train. From then on it was pretty much the dark team leading the way in the hunt for spot prizes. More by different riders dropping and doing their thing than people looking like they picked what they thought they would be in with a chance of winning and then going for it.  It’s also worth mentioning that despite what the photo’s look like, Will’s garden is steep and even after a morning practice riders were still getting used to getting their speed right.

As the event went on it was cool to see that even though the riders were put into teams and a team prize was up for grabs, everyone either rode as a big group or sometimes split up into smaller groups and rode different features. It was also good to see riders jamming with people they don’t really see or ride with, especially the Ride The Hill boys (Alan Newman, Toney Newsome and Ryan Roberts) riding with the younger riders who spend most of their comp time at ATBA-UK events. The tunes played, the sun shone and the wind blew (could have done without that). It was more like a chilled jam with your bro’s than comp or photo shoot. Which is what #RBYJS is all about!

After about an hour had rolled by most were looking for a chill and food. Time to flip the BBQ on and do some flipping of the burger kind.

“Yah baby we’re cooking on gas!” (thanks to Roddy, Will’s dad for letting us use his grill)


Chicken, burgers, sna’gs and brief round up of who was in for a shout for what and which team looked like might win the day. Amon then
kicked the second half like a man determined to see his team in front and to lay claim to a spot prize for himself. In fact it seemed everyone lifted the game and more gap to bonks and slides, flips and quarter killing (literally). By the time we called the first round of the Remolition Backyard Jam Series to an end and looked at the notes of who done what all the spot prizes were evenly spit between both teams, so it was a draw.Ok, so what would have swung it in favour of which team?It wouldn’t have taken a lot, a few more trains or mass descents from either side or if they were feeling creative some team jibs like for example; a classic BFC reference with whole team riding past and bonking a team members board.  We’ll see what happens at Amon’s Allotment when it really comes down to deciding which team is going away with the medals. If needs be it might then we might have an #RBYJS equivalent of a penalty shoot out; a train off!!?Spot Prizes and Hard fought LinesIt goes without saying that the standard of the riding was as high as a light thing holding a helium balloon. And without a doubt the Line Master and Steeze Master prizes were the toughest to call. With at least 4 riders looking like they might be in for a shout for either of them.

Steeze Master is never going to be easy to decide. With most of the country’s best freestylers and jibbers in one place there wasn’t going to be anyone with what you could call a dodgy style  And it was a hard call with Amon, James, and Matt all looking like they might be in with an shout. In the end it came down constancy and a few styled tech jibs which saw Connor lay claim to the Steeze Master title.

Line Master was very much like the team team prize. In the first half it was Toney and Ryan who were all over the park like a bad rash. A quick mention here to Ryan with extra points for bravery for what seems to be his plan to 5-0 pick the coping of every quarter in wheelieboarding. Will’s quarter being was one of the first features Will and Connor made and to add to ghetto chic it’s made from some MDF they found #verywobbley.

So, us judges thought second half was going to be all about Ryan and Toney sorting out who really is going to claim to the Line Master prize. It all changed when Amon came out of his corner like a prize fighter looking for a KO, linking features with all his best moves. He was quickly followed by Matt Brind who seemed to be playing the waiting game, spotted what he wanted, ‘up-ed the anti’ and went for it. Unfortunately for Toney, Amon and Ryan that was the Line Master spot! Leaving his move till late in the day meant no else had the legs to keep up and he bagged the prize without question.

Jib Master also had a few riders looking like they might lay their claim to it at any point. This meant our umpire and chief note taker for the day had to keep his eyes peeled with riders likely to bust out an off the hook jib at any moment. A cheeky mention has to go Will for choosing his moment to do his 180 nose roll to 180 out of the whoop’da’whoop when we were sat near it. Another stand out jib for me was Ryan’s pivot to boardslide on banana pipe (like a mini rainbow rail).  Props also have to go to Matt Brind for grabbing the idea that if you want to do a jib but the feature doesn’t work, is in the wrong place or a line just need something else, then, if it’s not bolted down, shift it to where you want it. Matt picked up a spade, moved the kicker for the flat drain pipe, and dug a smaller one for it. Amon then took this further by ‘changing’ it into two cannon rails with an gap to boardslide ;o)

Ripper was all about consistency, inspiration and all round doing everything with style. As well as  being in the centre of the action on whatever feature or line was being sessioned, it really had to go to Emyln for looking solid and stylish all day. He got everyone involved in a hand plant comp, kicked off a world sweetcase comp, and he may have even been the one responsible for a everyone getting their tap indy on! That’s not to say no one else looked like they might win it. Will, Connor, Matt, and Toney were all in the frame at some stage.

There it is. These four winners have got to decide whether at Amon’s if they want to keep what they have got by making sure no smashes out a better jib, line, looks good or gels round the park better. Or do they just do their thing and hope their skills are enough to make sure they don’t lose out. For everyone else they know who they have to beat for what, they just decide can they and do they want to ;o)

A post match analysis wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the dives and falls and that has to go Aiden for crashing a couple of back flips off the kicker at the top of the hill.  Aiden also gets big props for heading to Will’s place at short notice and then having to ‘chip off’ early to go back to work. Much respected.

And finally to wet your appetite for some Dirt Monkey Awesomeness, Here’s a few cheeky black n’ whites!




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