UPDATE! Serbia: Mountainboard World Boardercross

One of the biggest events in the mountainboard calendar is here  took place on the 5th & 6th September!


The Poster boy took it! Yes the Pro Mountainboard World Boardercross Champion of 2014 is the UK’s very own double-backed Nitro Circus riding, ATBA spread-sheet loving, Maths megaminding stinky-padded one, Sir Matt of Brind (rhymes with find).


The Overall Podium Champions of the World in all categories are:

 Pro’s : 1.Matt Brind   2.Evgeny Vybornyy   3.Marco Dähler

Ladies: 1.Martina Lippolis   2.Senka Bajic   3.Petrò Simona

Masters: 1.Diego Anderson   2.Dave Stiefvater    3.Predrag Marcikic

 Juniors: 1.Szymon Jesionek    2.Jakub Dukowicz    3.Tosa Jovic

There was amazing action in Serbia with loads of international riders ripping the track with building tensions over the weekend. Mutual mountainboard Love was shared and maybe a beverage or 2 sipped. Coming soon will be the full report with exclusive pictures, results, and words straight from riders; the excitement, overtakes, snakes, inside lines, & slide-outs. Good riding, good times, and probably a very good chance of some bum-baring moonies :-O

For now, get over to Facebook for all the gossip as it appears. Congratulations participants, organisers, spectators and supporters!





Has it been a year already? yes it sure has! The craziest longest boardercross race and biggest international mountainboard meet of the year is being held once again in Novi Sad (Serbia). The course is an epic, mega-long dusty sun-baked bx dream that apparently 150 riders will shred to pieces over 2 days of bx battling.


At least a dozen riders from the UK are heading out once again, including Sir Matt of Brind, the mighty James Wanklyn and loads of other excited riders like Dale Goodwin & Connor Smout.

There’s van-loads of European riders such as France’s Diego Anderson and Belgium’s Arno VDV, and rumour has it that a small plane full of Yanks will be there to defend their title as it was American legend Kody ‘Chicken Boots’ Stewart that took the overall Pro title last year.

It’s not just the riding though, as the unparalleled partay-ing brought global riders together in a way that other sports would envy.

Here’s the newly released event trailer..

Get over to the Facebook Event Page for more by clicking the eye 🙂


Check out last year’s event in the awesome World BX ’13 photo gallery from Andy Rolfe and read about it in our event report