Shredding Life

These inspiring US dirt-lovers are bringing back the stoke, grass roots style

Shred Life is a mountainboarder state of mind, simple. Heading up this brand-new yet old-skool garage brand is main honcho Alex Rossiter who also runs Mountainboards NW out of Tumwater, Olympia in Washington State (that’s up near Seattle btw, not DC!) He has introduced many new riders to the sport and developed a solution to a problem you didn’t even realise you had resulting in the very unique ‘Shred Shirt’…

We asked Alex all about his passion, local scene, the Shred Life project, and future plans. Be warned: his enthusiasm and tongue-in-cheek sense of humour are infectious!


Spreading the love

  “I’ve been Mountainboarding for about 15 years and I’m a lifer. My riding over the years has been somewhat off and on since I was the only dude around that I knew who rode except for the few friends who I got into it but then fell out after a while. That’s a super pervasive story I hear from people all the time and it fuels my motivation.

It’s only been within the last few years since I’ve been putting these projects together and going to competitions and gatherings and networking that I’ve been finding out how many awesome people out there love the sport, and ways I can be involved. I had to create a Mountainboarding scene up here in the deep North West on my own where I ride trails and explore in the forests.

Mountainboards-NorthWest I started my journey into the multiverse wanting to do something in the Mountainboarding game since I saw Mountainboarders, and the Mountainboarding industry being largely under-served. All of the dealers fell off years ago up here and the sport has been effectively dead until now. I knew that there were tons of people around that would love to ride if they got exposed to it and given a chance to try.

So I started Mountainboards NW as a club for bringing Mountainboarding to my community and shoving it all over their faces. I put on free Learn-to-Ride clinics at a few cool little parks around the Tumwater/Olympia, WA area that have nice grassy slopes to ride.

I bring out all of the boards & gear and give people a guided and safe first taste of riding so it’s a win for everybody. This brings the scene to light while creating new Mountainboarders and exposing the NW as the Mountainboarding Mecca that it really is. I also rent out boards, act as a liaison and freelance dealer for the region, and I’m working on a Mountainboarding Guidebook for the NW to be out later this year.

Shred Chaos

Shred Life
 a parralel project: a straight-up Mountainboarder stoke brand plain and simple. It’s run by a Mountainboarder to put out dope stuff specifically for Mountainboarders. I launched the brand at the “Return to Chaos” competition in South Haven Kansas in September of last year. We were one of the event sponsors and filled the field with the first edition Shred Shirts, getting loads of good feedback.

We made a video project to show the whole event as it was and to provide a window into this legendary story in Mountainboarding history. The film is called “Chaos in Kansas” and it’s an hour long document of the reunion so we put it out on DVD.

This was the first Chaos in Kansas comp for 4 years with epic riders like (to name a few) Don & Kevin Dirthead, Devin Garland, Ted Ladue, Cole Shipp, Bee Jo and J Lee, seen here rocking his Shred Shirt!


I also did a written report on the event (with lots of photos) for the Enjoy the Ride blog – read it here.

Unique gear

So what is the Shred Shirt? Well it’s personally guaranteed by me to be your new favorite shirt to ride in or I’ll punch myself right in the face. I designed them to address Mountainboarder-specific needs, and to be kickass. The first issue to address was easing the damage to riders’ hips and butts with an extra strip of fabric along the bottom cuff of the shirt. This gives the extra layer where we need it without having to layer on a whole second shirt. Skid protection.

It also works to keep your shirt from flapping up on you while you ride and air or when you eat shit; So, The Shred Shirt’s got your back. You feel me?

I choose each fabric and do all of the work in-house when it’s too cold, rainy and dark to ride. I build in quality with hardcore double-stitching, design originality, I serial number each one for posterity and name the lines whatever I want to. I put a whole lotta love into each one because I know that it’s got important work to do. I also paint and use pictures that appeal to me as a Mountainboarder so I offer them for the riders out there to stoke out the walls of their homes if they’re in to that sort of thing haha.

What I’m trying to do is bring the whole Mountainboarding world up by throwing down a high-level core Stoke Brand that only cares about Mountainboarders and gives them products they can get in to.

You can currently find the Shred Life gear on our website (we can post internationally!) and in The Olympia Gear Exchange in Downtown Olympia now too where I also stock Mountainboards. I also have gear available at our local NW events too so don’t be shy!

Mountainboard-shredLife-AlexDave025Going down, coming up

Plans for this year include: six local area Learn-to-Rides; on the third Friday of each month hosted by Mountainboards NW and sponsored by Shred Life and the Olympia Gear Exchange.

We have a second film coming out which exposes some of the dopest spots in the North West to shred… We show Olympia, Issaquah, Seattle, Crystal Mt., Schweitzer, Spokane and more so watch for it to drop.

I’ll also have the first ever of its kind official Mountainboarding guidebook centered around the North West whenever I get around to finishing it and publishing. Soon all shall know that US Mountainboarding lives in the NW!


Shred Life will be throwing sponsorship and goodies to Mountainboarding events both in the US and overseas as much as possible this year and helping the Mountainboarding universe to better define itself wherever we can. We’re hosting a competition on August 20th , Shred Fest NW, at Duthie Hill Park in Issaquah, WA where we’ll rain down stoke on all those that be involved.


Shred, share, shout-out!

Follow Mountainboards NW and Shred Life on Facebook for more details as they come on all fronts… You can also follow us on Instagram : Shred_Life_NW and on Youtube: Mountainboards NW so get at us!

I want to say some big shout-outs to my mentors at MBS, The Dirtheads, Dirtmonks and Enjoy the Ride, big ups to Remolition for keeping the stoke alive for so many years and for still going strong, shouts out to the crew, the homies, and to the whole Mountainboarding world. Stay up and just keep riding.”


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Words by Alex Rossiter, Photos used with permission.

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