Slamrock Sessions

SlamRock Mountainboard Session 2018 – 5 years of Enjoy The Ride

Márcio Gomes brings this report from sunny Florida in the good ol’ U.S of A…

“The Combination Session was a Blast!

When I planned to live in the US, I had the vision of keeping the 11 year movement of “Enjoy The Ride” going by organizing events, editing videos and providing good equipment to my friends in Brazil. My first option was South Florida which, at that time, I didn’t know,” was totally flat.” When I realized this, I said, “ No problem, I like to ride in skateparks,” and when you have a dream, you gotta pursue it. Fortunately, I moved close to one of the best skateparks around. So here we are, five years later! Celebrating the beginning of something that can be as big as the support we’re going to have. It could have been bigger, but it was big enough to plant the seed.

So on to this blaster combination session: a complete skate park full of good features owned by awesome and supportive people; a killer punk rock band formed by old school skaters with passion for skateboard and music; and last but not least, a crew of great mountainboard riders- why not say warriors–  friends that mountainboarding gave to me. These friends came from Arizona, Colorado and Washington State. Straight from the cold & rainy weather and not afraid of something new and unexpected. They left their jobs, their families, and their comfort zone for a couple days to support the movement, to have fun, and why not say, to get away from their winter routine to get burned on the beach!

So, that’s what happened at the Slamrock Fest! We had a blast. We rode while listening to tons of good music surrounded by both old and new friends and we definitely had a lot of fun!

The results? When you see the smiles on the faces of all those exausted riders it was totally worth it to put the event together.

The feedback from the riders was so positive words like, “next time I’m going to….”, “in my event I will…”, “when I…”. Just hearing the crew say this reassured me that I reached my goal. We didn’t want to choose the best, the worse or the unique rider. The goal was to have a celebration of the mountainboard lifestyle with the ones that share the same passion while incentivising them to spread the word and love to maintain the movement and keep riding.

In closing…..if you’re a big guy in the mountainboard community, try to support the new ones and their movements. You are their reference, you are going to make things keep moving. If you’re a beginner, be part of these movements because you are going to learn and grow with the sport- you are the sport!

By the end of the day, everyone is going to have lots of fun, make new friends and ride hard as hell, this is life. There’s no other way to make mountainboard great again or keep it great, whatever, this is the way you’re going to enjoy the ride!


Whats next in US and Brazil supported by ETR: Fathon AZ – May 17-20 by Stephen Hernandez; Shred Fest NW #3 – Crystal Mountain WA – July 21-22; and Ogrolandia Fest – Porto Alegre Brazil – November 17-18;And much more around the world for sure!

Thanks to our supporters: Drop In Sports Complex, Shred Fest NW, Shred Life Stoke, Black Metal MFG, Dirtheads, All Venue Graphics and Signs, Southwest Mountainboard Team, MindState Collective, O’Hollerans Punk Band, Cosmo Produções, Peter Sleazy, NAMA, IMA, my family, friends and why not, thanks haters, they are necessary lol!   

Pump it Up
1st – Alex Rossiter – 55.5 seconds
2nd – Zach Kiesz – 62 seconds
3rd – Stephen Hernandez – 75 seconds

Street Shredder
1st – Zach Kiesz – 23.5 points
2nd – Alex Rossiter – 18.75 points
3rd – Stephen Hernandez – 14.95 Points

Bowl Slammer
1st – Alex Rossiter – 14.45 points
2nd – Stephen Hernandez – 12.35 points
3rd – Zach Kiesz – 11.65 points

The Sessions Slammer
1st – Alex Rossiter (2x 1st and 1x 2nd)
2nd – Zach Kiesz (1x 1st, 1x 2nd and 1x 3rd)
3rd – Stephen Hernandez (1x 2nd and 2x 3rd)
Honor Rider – Ari Coats
Host Rider – Márcio Gomes

Words by Márcio Gomes – Photos by Diego Bonila and Melissa Rossiter