Spanking MBS gear goss

Hot gossip about new gear from the biggest Mountainboard manufacturer in the World



We dont know all the in’s and out’s yet but thought we’d better share some dirty rumours with you on the mighty MBS…

The last whole range was for 2012/13 so we’re well overdue some shiny new kit, and we’re getting pretty excited about the imminent full reveal of new decks, bindings, trucks and more!

We heard whispers of a more stream-lined range, with possibly one in each line. So one Colt, Core, Comp and Pro model we guess. The Pro board is rumoured to be between the Pro 95 & 100, so a Pro 97??!

We do know they’ve been testing concave on the deck too, a bit like a skateboard. It’s supposed to be more responsive under foot.

The big question is whether it’ll be a Signature board. After the Tom Kirkman Pro 100 mk 2, MBS may be more cautious, but we have seen photos to the contrary-  Here is evidence that Aussie RailSlayer Radface is at least toying with the idea of his graphics! We love the occult werewolf stylings… and another MBS Pro board to feature the moon!?


leaked! bloody oath. is it real? Signature 97 mate? On yer!


You could argue there are other riders that deserve a Signature deck but this is still not confirmed and it’s not up to you anyway, ha. You can pretty much guess the graphics on the rest of the boards will somewhere feature an eagle, compass, contours or a mountain silhouette though 😀

With less completes to make & sell, that means they’ve been able to develop the parts & accessories. We’ve had trusty wheels from the Twistar to Rockstar 2’s (way better than the original Rockstar which 50p’d like mad when ridden under high pressure) to Rockstar Pros, so we dont think there will be new hubs or tyres, though maybe another colourway…?

And woop! There will definitely be new trucks… Word is it’s the biggest evolution since the Matrix 10 years ago. Out with springs, in with a new form of dampener, like some kind of a turbo demon egg shock. Probably with tough plastic hangers. Super light. Sounds awesome and we want to see them and ride them.


Matrix Pro; trusty dinosaur?


And what about bindings? Hardier ratchets, stronger ladders, new design? Almost definitely. More adjustable to better hold smaller shoes? Hope so.

All the Pro’s have shredded their F4’s, often trimming bits off and using gaffer tape to optimise them to fit their particular riding footwear… We want to see the evolution, and the word is now official: F5‘s are here!

We just get a tease at the mo but this is the first ‘legit’ photo of new product. Oooooh. (Damn, even the first Star Wars 7 trailer gave away more than this!!!?!)


workin’ up a sweat on the leatherette


While we’re at it, outside of board tech we’d love to see better protection, pads & lids too. Though if they brought out a shiny toaster we’d probably want that too 🙂

Whatever MBS Mountainboards bring out, it’ll no doubt be pushing the envelope again.

Time to start saving some pennies.


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