Surfing Dirt is back

Out of the ashes, a mountainboard phoenix… With a Worlds Report!

Mountainboard communities were truly aided by Internet Forums. As the web grew in the late ’90’s & noughties, but before the rise of full-scale social media, it was the forum’s job to connect riders from all over the World.

The big daddy for the UK scene from like 2000 – 2006 was ATBSports, then later came Surfing Dirt.

where r u now McCarver BGSurfer Etchy *WiL* etc etc

SD was a popular place, with international visitors chatting to each other about mountainboard-related biznezz: You’d pop by every day and know there would be some good conversation on board tech, a new video uploaded by a young crew, or maybe some trolling on a hot topic.

After several years though Riders had hopped on to Facecrack or were snorting some Twitter and as is common in mountainboarding, the SD team found life moving on.

Meanwhile, long-term mountainboard user Mika Gramont was scheming a rebirth.

ding, i have an idea.

_And now it’s here, in testing at least.

We’ve heard the full site will have dedicated areas for world scenes, groups and individual riders, with an emphasis on tech reportage worthy of the age;

Mika’s first test-post on the reborn Surfing Dirt is a sick report from the World Championships in Compiegne, Julliet 2017.

He uses the event to create glorious reportage with 360degree photos, plenty of vid captures, old-fashioned words and quality stills. This basically saves Remolition from having to do a report haha


Nice one Mika and SD crew. We look forward to more #mountainboard madness

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