#TBT – Camp Bestival 2016

Throwback to the time mountainboarders took to the sky at this year’s Camp Bestival



Each year festival goers of Camp Bestival are treated to a whole selection of extreme sports and shinaniganes put on by Andy Potter and the Freesports Park crew, including some of the top mountainboarders. Riders (including but not limited to Amon Shaw, James Wanklyn, Matt Brind and Tom Reese) once again took to the big blue ramp to stun the crown with a combination of stezzey grabs, big spins and laid-out flips. Amon took some time out of stunts to create this vid which perfectly captures what went down that weekend…




Another huge part of the weekend at the festival was Trampa’s Hire and Ride, giving the opportunity for loads of people to try out a new sport they’ve not seen before. Every person who tried it came away from their mountainboard experience smiling or, better yet, begging their parents to buy them their very own Trampa board. Great respect goes out to the whole Trampa team for helping to spread the mountainboard goodness onto many others, but most of all to Trampa top dog Ted Orr. Not only did Ted recommend almost every UK Mountainboard centre to anyone local, but he also helped out any riders with spare bindings / trucks / broken parts that were needed for the demos. Thanks Ted, you da man!



Rem’s own photobox operator also joined the crew. In between telling Matt Brind to do a Melon, or any other tricks with a name inspired by food or innuendos, he managed to get a couple of snaps for a remolicous gallery…


All in all, all the the riders and Team Trampa did any awesome job on showing how freaking cool mountainboarding is, and it was awesome to see so many people trying out the new sport and enjoying it for what it is. Big thanks to Trampa Team, Freesports Park Crew, everyone who rode and taught and made the weekend awesome. Word!