Team Trampa expander

World Champ Brindy and his younger bruv announce a big change to their main sponsor

Matt has been a Pro riding with MBS for over 10 years and has had an amazing run with them. Though after inexplicably missing out on his own signature board a few years ago, he got involved with Colab decks and so has been riding a hybrid wheelieboard for years. With MBS Europe recently stopping production on heaps of kit and only offering the newer, more street style of pro gear, Brindy had obviously been in conversations with their main competitors and recently announced the inevitable!

In his own words:

“Excited to announce the next part of my mountainboard story – I’m now a Trampa Boards team rider!
MBS Europe and I accomplished some great things together and I appreciate their support over the years, but it’s time to go in a new direction.
I can’t wait to get these awesome parts on my board and put them through their paces as well as starting to hit some more international events thanks to the support from Trampa (especially with my new team mate @andy_brind ).
Trampa have unofficially had my back for years and years and it’s nice to finally get something official going and start working together to achieve some mutual goals.
There’s a very exciting road ahead and I can’t wait to start working with the team and putting my own mark on the brand…
2018 is going to be one hell of a year!!”

Looks like he’ll be sticking with the Colab deck, but like a hella lotta riders, will now be using Trampa hardware as they continue to make the Pro trucks and gear that a lot of UK and International riders want to keep using- #keepitspring
It will make this year’s comps different too; We’re all used to the Trampa-branded James Wanklyn going head-to-head with Matt, and now they’re team mates… Red vs blue, it’s on…

Congrats to Matt and Andy, we look forward to good things from the new improved Team Trampa!

We also look forward to seeing the evolution of all the brands and hope MBS can generate some new blood to fill the holes left in their Pro line-up…

Re-read our interview with Guiness World Record holding Mountainboard Leg end Brindy here

The 2018 World Mountainboard Championships in Slovenia (July) and the UK Championships at Hales Board & Bike Park in August will be a riot!

To get some practise in first, head to Hales May 26/27th for a BX/Freestyle weekender 🙂