The 4-Down Project

The IMA’s 2018 video contest produced some EPIC new mountainboard films…

The International Mountainboard Association invited top athletes & filmmakers to create films no longer than 10 minutes to show off the state of pro riding in 2018.

The contestants, Dylan Warren (Australia), Phil Heinle (Germany), Amon Shaw (UK) and Mason Moore (USA), had 3 months to plan, shoot the radness/gnarbage/skillz/feats/fun, and edit.

Films premiered at the Worlds in Slovenia at the end of June and were then voted on by the public with ‘Never Pro, always Bro’ narrowly taking the race, but let’s face it, all these films are winners; from Radface & crews continuing non-stop street slaying in ‘Arrived’, to Amon’s mockumentary about The Nitro Brind ‘The Darkside of riding with a champion’. From Mason’s trademark humour and effortless steeze as he & Kody ride big lines with no foot-diapers (‘Strapless’), to the varied straight up fun of ‘Never Pro’, where Phil and friends take on many sides of our wondrous wheelie boards, from street to park to centre to mountains.

These films show off some of the amazing people and the awesome riding they happen to enjoy, often in amazing locations. Pushing the sport and each other, just for the fun of it.

Ride on!









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Check out the results of the vote over at the IMA

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