The Beaconsfield Bash

From the land of boxing kangaroos comes a report of a rad mountainboard meet-up…


“It’s Sunday morning, 9am and I am mowing tracks in thick wet grass, mower clogging up every 10 meters, dark clouds looming overhead and a light drizzle has started. Not exactly how i enjoy starting a Sunday morning. But it’s the day of the Beaconsfield Bash and there’s plenty of work to be done…

BB5crossbone mower

After an hour or so of setting up there’s a small crew gathered of new riders all a bit shy but eager to learn to ride.

MBS AUS Pro Rider Dylan Warren takes the boys under his wing and in no time has them riding the hill. “Go off of the “HASHTAG” jump” is heard all morning as the boys push their limits and put each other and their new found skills to the test. “watch me do a frontside 180” another common expression was called from Connor Warren.

BB1-ben indy

BB55-scott mossWithin a few hours, these boys were now really starting to rip, hitting all the jumps – even the quickly slapped together ‘ramp of death‘ built by Danscapes.

As the morning progressed and the clouds started to clear the older crew emerged to the festivities of the day, dusted off the cobwebs from the night before and started to throw down as best as a man on the wrong end of a big night can.

ENTER WILKINS> Matthew Wilkins. Matt or Wilkins as he is better known, hit the littlest kicker and landed flat on his back. With that out of the way he proceeded to make up lost time and started throwing big back 180s and steezy 360s.

But as always – Not one to be up shown Dylan stepped it up and linked perfect lines whilst always having a good time and even threw a couple of front flips in for the onlookers.

BB3-dylan frontflip


BB2-dylan front board

The Barbie is ready” was called and we all retreated for a rest and a few sausages (veggie burgers for the friends of the animals).

BB4-connor Warren

After lunch we headed to our track/jib park, newly named THE PISTOL CLUB.

BB7-ride at own riskWe have been working for about 8 months on a place for us to ride and for beginners to come and learn. The place literally has the BGC crew (and in particular Dylan’s) blood sweat and tears built into this place. – Everything has been either donated, collected from the side of the road or cleaned up from the site which used to be a former dumping grounds and hangout for the lesser desirables of the area.

The gasp and excited shrieks of ‘WOW LOOK AT THIS PLACE” proved that all the hard work was worth it and that we had really built something special…

BB6new blood

After a tour of the place we all got into hitting all the obstacles. – The boys hit up the “kids section” and the rest of us hit up the rail section and the quarter pipe built right into the berm.

Danscapes, Joel Lee and Dylan all raced to the end of the track and hit up the big kicker and a few really hard slams were had by all. Andy Milenkovic had just returned from a season in Canada snowboarding and you can really see the snowboard influence with the crazy rail tricks he was able to make on the flat rails. (see vid!)

The day was supported by Joel Lee from MBS AUS and Joel from Crossbone Clothing – both repping their brands encouraging new riders and giving away some free stuff to get the kids hyped. Some prizes were handed out to the kids who shredded the hardest. – Ben Cross, Jack Hayes and Connor Warren. Guarantee these kids will be all buying boards over the coming weeks.

The end of the day was near at the Pistol Club and as with all good things the Beaconsfield Bash came to an end – but not before a visit from the local police who were not concerned with how good our tricks were but rather that we had left our cars open and that criminals may have taken our tools and iPods. – Nice of the cops to be so concerned for our belongings.

Despite it being a gloomy wet day, fun was had by all, we were able to encourage some new people to try mountainboarding and i believe we may have witnessed the beginnings of a new found love of the sport in these groms.

But don’t just read words and look at stills, check it all out now with magical moving visuals and audible sounds! (please stick your face into some wet grass & mud for the full immersive experience).

A big thanks to all who attended and a bigger thanks to those who helped make the day a success.

The Beaconsfield Bash was proudly supported by MBS  Australia, Crossbone Clothing, BGC crew, and Munro Boards.


crossbone mower

Words by Travis Adams

Pics courtesy Trav, Radface and all.

On Yer!