The Medals

The Remolition Backyard Jam Series is all about getting the best from UK mountainboarding together for a Jam on a setup they have never ridden before with a new comp formatt thrown in good measure. With a each session going on most the afternoon with a break for a BBQ. It’s all about keeping things as chilled and more like a session with mates than comp. But it is still a comp and there are prizes to won and uniquely lost.

So with this in mind  plus in our own big headness we want the series in the future to become a competition riders aspirer to get an invite. This meant we kinda had to make the prizes a bit special. Sorting out prizes is also made harder by the fact that pretty much all these riders are on someones ‘ticket’ or another. It’s not like we could give Matt Brind a tshirt and  a mountainboard for winning.

What to do, hum? ‘Thinking beanie on”

Then a flash of inspiration and a lucky spot on the FB profile of one of our occasional contributors to ATBAUK event photo galleries.

It turns out Lynne Robinson is a her second year of BA (Hons) Jewellery Design at Hereford College of Arts. So I dropped her a message to see if she would be interested in making some medals and has any ideas which could work. Turns out she is and the are a few options to work through to get some unique medals.


The options we went for are;

team medalsEchted brass discs for the team prize

spot prizesCopper ringed resin sets for the spot prizes.


If you like what see and are intrested in commionsing Lynne to either make some jewellery, medals or awards. Then either drop her a message on faceybook or an email (

Also check out her blog Body As Definition to see more of her work