Trick of the Year 2016

What could be ‘better’ than a 1080, a double backflip, or a backside Misty?

Matt Brind, Dylan Warren, Dave Starfighter and Diego Anderson recently conspired to find out the public’s favourite Trick of 2016…

Riders far and wide submitted vids featuring the likes of 540 one-footers, corked 7’s and more. There was a tonne of top quality entries and the 5 shortlisted tricks can be seen at 10-minutes-in to Radface’s Vlog no.23:

The Shortlist:
Nicky G – Bs Misty
Nicky G – ollie onto bench nollie front off
Arno VDV – monkey plant 360
Jason Salopek – fs 50-50 handrail
Mark Adams – double backflip
The Narrow misses:
Ali Kano – handplant to fire hydrant natas spin
Ben Wanklyn – bs 1080
Kody Stewart – fs 540 one footer

Rem says well done to these riders for making the final noms! All of these tricks make us well jel of the dope freestyle skillz on display and ting.

(If you’re wondering why such rad tricks as the world’s first landed mountainboard 1080 didn’t make the final public poll, take a read in more detail at Matt Brind’s blog).

So the shortlist was put to public poll, and with well over 150 votes the results are in!

In third place was Mark Adams Double Backflip (32 votes), a move that made him the youngest rider to ever land this gnarly trick.

In second with 41 votes was Nicky the muscles Geerse with his rudeboy backside Misty, but

taking first place and the title Trick of the Year 2016 was ex-world freestyle champ Arno VDV’s insane unexpected Monkey Flip 360!

Another killer trick in Amo’s arsenal, this fast smooth unusual move was filmed in his natural environment of Wanyi Park in Belgium by the delightful ms. Kosy Stewart. Arno has always had a sick snowboarder style on his wheelieboard and this enforces that. Congrats Amo!! *fist bumps*

Not only does he win kudos and props from all us riders, he’ll also get a new Remolition T-shirt and some other sh!t. Ermahgerd.

Apparently next year the IMA and hosts of this comp will be a bit more ‘on it’ and start proceedings earlier. So all you freestylers keep it in the back of your minds this year! You could be the next winner of mountainboarding’s Trick of the Year.

Get rad.

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