Tricky media & mountainboarding

Just before the start  of the 2011 comp season, Remolition asked riders & film-makers Tricky media ‘what’s up’…
Some of you may remember Tricky making their first public appearance at the ATBJunkies Film Festival 2010 and coming away winning two categories: King of 60 seconds with ‘Dream Sofa‘ and ‘Inflatable Challenge‘ for X-sport. Since then, they have been putting a steady flow vids on their trusty YouTube channel and own website.

They are a low-budget, grass-roots mountainboarding video documentation/media project, set up by Emmeline Thrower & Shane Heard, who bought out the Fatboys Tour 2009 DVD we reviewed last year. Fatboys themselves have been a very pro-active crew, even making local press, and so Tricky Media has evolved naturally.

Rem caught up with them to see what’s the plan…


Hey! What have you been up to over the winter & spring seasons?

After the Halloween party at Ironsides Court Farm we had to take a break from our boards. Our van broke down beyond repair and money was tight due to the seasonal influence on our jobs. We published the ‘Shane Mears‘ video over the winter, we didn’t really need to get our boards out for that one – we made it for our own amusement and was better received than expected!

We like fresh air and Shane Mears was a breath of it 🙂 What you been doing since then?

Big Dave came to the rescue with the van, spotting a Transit locally and with Glen’s help set to work fitting a new engine & clutch, we got it on the road. Shane & Em have been getting the inside of the van sorted. Em has been working on the website, trawling myspace for music, helping the ATBA-UK, and still has loads of raw footage to work through from last year too!

What are your plans for this season?

Tricky’s ‘pin up’ rider Shane is going to be riding less this year as he’s waiting for a back operation. That means we should have more great shots with the camera as he’s our master cameraman too. Em is hoping to ride with Team OTG at the ATBAUK comps and we’d like to enter the ATBJunkies Film Festival again. We plan to visit some new places for some fun riding and would like to meet up with some regional groups at their local spots, there’s also a couple of centres we haven’t been to yet.

What’s the trickiest part of Tricky media?tricky-media-and-mountainboarding-009

Finding music for our videos is very time consuming. We like to promote talented musicians in their work and would love to hear from any bands/musicians who write their own material. Please get in touch if you know of anyone who might be interested!

Where are you filming next?

The Tricky van is now on the road, so invites to your local freeride spots/centres are very welcome! We have our own bed, just need somewhere to park up overnight 😉 However, our computer can’t cope: it’s retirement is inevitable. Are there any computer nerds out there who can give us some advice on what spec we need for our new one? And how we can get what we need cheaply? Our new machine needs to be able to run editing software as well as the usual tasks… In the meantime we continue to post our videos shamelessly on the internet, youtube, facebook etc when we get the chance!

Sounds like a job for the forums.. or evilC! Thanks Tricky 🙂


See you on a hill soon


You can visit & subscribe to the Tricky Media YouTube Channel right here

and for more info, vids & news on what they have been up to, check out their website: