UK Championships 2016: Downhill

Photography from within captures the British Downhill mountainboard spirit


Tally ho! The 2016 UK Mountainboard Championships; Sunday 28th August, mountainboarder vs the downhill line vs the clock.

Single track with lots of tech-ey features, the Hales Downhill course challenged riders all afternoon to push it again and again. Some enthusiasts had as many as 15 runs, going at it non-stop (except for the very British pastime of queueing) to gain valuable milliseconds.

From the snaking esses to the rock drop to the sprinting finish line, it was each person in each moment, for the ride.

Whilst competing Dan Wilson took these pics. Drop in, get rolling and go slideshow…


At the end of the tiring yet rewarding downhill jam, many riders were frustrated with themselves yet still smiling, and others were happy they’d gone as fast and clean as their over-inflated tyres would let them. It was tense, in a good way. So then of course, after a cold one and a zim about on a motorised Trampa, came the podiums…

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All photos by Dan Wilson copyright Remolition 2016