UK Championships 2016: Freestyle

Our big photo report from the big air UK Championships

The 2016 UK Mountainboard Championships; Monday 29th August, busting out the big moves and throwin’ shapes!

It had already been a killer Bank Holiday weekend of wheelieboarding and the crowds were settling in for an awesome freestyle event in the sun.

After practise the comp’s Jam format started with Groms, Ladies, Masters, and Seniors all together. The massive booters may have daunted riders like the Groms who were dwarfed by them, and most entrants had competed in the bx and dh in prior days, but they all stomped it: dropping from the top mound, hitting the first huge dirt table then the main jump with wooden kicker, before finishing on the quarterpipe. We saw riders going huge, rad 3’s and 180’s galore, alternate lines, confident straight airs and backflips on every feature. And a Sweetcase. Yes.

The judges had a difficult job on their hands, and the spectators were lovin’ it.

When the Pro Jam arrived, things just amped up and then up again! Riders were inspired to give it all they got which resulted in incredible freestyle: floaty 3’s, 5’s, 7’s, back and frontside. One-footers, backflips, front flips, tweaked out cow flips.

In the last hour, we witnessed corked this then switch that and lots of (luckily) funny fails as riders tried to out-do themselves and each other. As a result, Ben Wanklyn rode out a mountainboard first?! backside 1080 (really) and Mark Adams landed a sick double-backflip, the youngest dude ever to do so.

This is what it all looked like through the lens of Remolition’s Dan Wilson.



UK Champion Podiums:


Groms: 1 Josh Hale, 2 Brad Sykes. Juniors: 1 Connor Clark. Ladies: 1 Em Thrower

Masters: 1 Mark Hale, 2 Harry Jessop, 3 Neil Kimmins

Seniors: 1 Will Molyneux, 2 Dom Brown, 3 Matt Humphrey

Pros: 1 Matt Brind, 2 Antoine Gambier, 3 Mark Adams


Groms: 1 Josh Hale, 2 Brad Sykes. Juniors: 1 Connor Clark. Ladies: 1 Em Thrower

Masters: 1 Harry Jessop, 2 Mark Hale, 3 Neil Kimmins

Seniors: 1 Will Molyneux, 2 Graham Wedderburn, 3 Morgan Price

Pros: 1 Matt Brind, 2 James Wanklyn, 3 Antoine Gambier

Andre La Roche Memorial Trophy Harry Jessop

Team Challenge Overall: 1 Hales Board & Bike Park, 2 Trampa, 3 NEATly Stitched, 4 Hereford Board & Bike Park, 5 ATBShop A Team

Extra Bonus prizes included Inspired newcomer, eager beaver, keen bean, loudest Nigerian drummer, first man on site (Noggin) and more!


Many thanks to everyone for a killer UK Championships:

an International sports competition as good as any 2016 Olympic event, albeit in a smaller, shabby yet rad ghetto dirty mountainboarder styli. Moo.

More? Photos from the Downhill & Boardercross and watch videos on Remolition HERE

photos Dan Wilson Copyright Remolition 2016