UK Championships 2017 – The Pics

Dan ‘Decreate’ Wilson wandered around the UK Champs and took a load of snapshots. Feast your eyes.

Hereford Board & Bike Park, Herefordshire.

Juniors, Ladies, Seniors, Masters, Pros, battling it out for shits and giggles and podium glory.

Let’s ave it!

Saturday August 26th. 4 person Boardercross racing, Orange track. Riders ready?

Sunday August 27th, best of timed-descents Downhill on 2 tracks, morning and afternoon excitement.

(apologies: morning track 1 photos missed due to mild alcohol poisoning haha).

Bank Holiday Monday August 28th, Scored runs Freestyle. Jibbing, tables, big air, quarter pipe, dopeness.

Plus Prizegiving for the Overalls!!



Find all the results for the 2017 UK Championships over on the ATBA -UK site

All photos by Dan Wilson, copyright Remolition 2017