UK Downhill series R1 Teaser

Round One of the UK Downhill Series is on Saturday 6th April and will be the first of some damn exciting events from the ATBA-UK this year. Breaking from the norm & screaming like a crazy goat, this first round features a super tasty freeride-style course through awesome woodland in Queen Elizabeth Country Park in Hampshire…


Prep for the course took place on Saturday 2nd March, with a big group of experienced riders freeriding the rough course and then raking, pruning, digging and generally tinkering to create a flexible track that will challenge all riders.

To start, the area is beautiful. You follow the firetrack-style road up to the top; The road itself is a niiice mellow cruisey carve onboard and perfect for warming the body up, however the main deal is the Head Down comp course, now nicknamed Screaming Goat.

After hours of working at it, this is how she rolls: From the mossy start mound, it takes in a wiggly grass path before opening into a clearing with several lines through, ducks rights then left under some trees then opens into wide Beech woodland. Your choice of line as the gradient increases before funneling into the steep (with a bonus mini-chicane on the drop), then fight the drift as you speed right down the bank before a tasty left over the hump into a gentler run off to finish.

However, see for yourself in 1. This awesome technical illustration, 2. These snapshots of the day the course took shape, and 3. The official teaser video .




Now watch the vid, shot by Jet on the mountain bike, following the riders (Harry, Roger, Mark, Jenna, Morgan and Wilz) down from the top. Witness Harry’s skills beasting the course (& nearly himself) a few times, averaging times of 50-60 second descents. We reckon this course is pretty high-end (i.e. intermediate to pro) it requires ‘proper’ speed control and some reasonably sized cojonas to deal with the lower half- as you’ll see!!!  Aaaah!

Memorise the course and stay on top of news on the facebook event page.

Check out the event info at the ATBA-UK.

The event itself will be on the Saturday with camping available just down the road (in the car) for Saturday night;

The campsite has barbecues and a shelter and will be a great spot for riders r & r, at £5pp per night.


Get excited. Get to Downhill round 1.