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The big August Bank Holiday weekend: this year’s Official British Mountainboard Downhill, BX and Freestyle Championships

This August bank holiday weekend, riders from all over the world are welcomed to join in what is to be the biggest event in UK mountainboarding right now:


Still sport’s best kept secret, Mountainboarding is as exciting for spectators as it is thrilling for riders.

Hales Board & Bike Park will be hosts to this mini-festival with live music, hot food, cold drinks, great camping areas and loads more. But it’s the riding we’re there for!

Hales_Superbole_Mountaiboard_ATBA_23Sat 27th – Boardercross: crosses snowboarderX with BMX and MX and makes a whole different hybrid beast. The UK has run this type of contest for almost a lifetime and this year’s format will mark a return to the simpler glory days with an all or nothing approach.

The rad 4-man BX track at Hales is many riders favourite in the UK – whenever there’s been comp racing on it in the last few years we’ve witnessed more excitement than you can shake a dirty great stick at…

This will undoubtedly be an epic saturday of Mountainboard BX racing to be remembered! (read Matt Brind’s who’s who of the comp on Remolition here)

Sun 28thDownhill: Hales’ Downhill was extended and improved and is currently running like a badass. This fun technical single-track line will be raced to the limits. It’s one rider against the clock. Whether Groms or Pros, the incentive to smash your own times is addictive, let alone when you’re racing comrades. Watch speeds increase until the battle becomes about milli-seconds!

Mon 29th – Freestyle: there’s the sick jib park with rails ramps and funboxes, as well as the massive booters and huge Quarterpipe. You can test out first in the foam pit of course to get that rotation dialled… We’ll be seeing all sorts of sick tricks like one-footed 360’s, tweaked out 5’s, Mctwists in the Q and maybe even the odd double-backflip. Runs by some of the top riders in the world will have your jaws to the floor. Fact.

Dont believe us? Turn the volume down and watch this:

Get the event participation details from the ATBA and get social on the Facebook event page