UK Scene 2017 Round Up

2017 has been quite the year, here’s what’s gone on in the UK!

So Summer has passed, competitions have finished and centre’s are hibernating from the rain. In case you were stuck inside during the sunny months; here’s a highlights reel from the UK Scene of Twenty Seventeen…

Another Year of Colourful Fun: Mount Fest 2017

Every year Simon Neck and the Neatly Stitched team arranges Mount Fest, aka Let’s Get Creative. It’s a chilled out day of all things weird and wonderful to do on a mountainboard; ranging from assault courses to paint trains. There also tends to be a load of creative and art-y workshops, music and fire circus tricks. There’s no pressure, plenty of bants and buckets of fun.

The Main Event: ATBA-UK Champs 2017

The big event which draws riders from all over the Country: this years ATBA-UK Champs was held at the prestigious Hereford Board and Bike Park. With BoarderX, Downhill and Freestyle spanning over 3 days; the August bank holiday weekend was chockablock with action.Here’s what HBBP’s Chief Tom Donaldson has to say about the weekend:

One of the best things about hosting the ATBA UK champs is the pleasure of seeing the hill so busy of riders from all over the UK and also Europe. This year we were luckily enough to get passed the bank holiday curse of bad weather and it was a absolute blinder. The weekend was a great success with some awesome racing taking place on the updated orange track and was a pleasure to see the legend Pete Tatham getting back on board like he did 5 years ago. The Down Hill had a different format running over 2 tracks and taking the combine time for overall position. Sunday night we had put up a movie night and had one of my best evenings of summer watching mountainboarding vids with everyone having a beer. Monday was freestyle day and was amazing to see riders rip it up fair play baby wank for keep trying the 1080s – absolute hero. Thanks all for coming and making the centre what it is.

Photos by Les White – White Media Pictures

Something New: RhythmX Finals

Year 2017 saw the birth to a new series called RhythmX (or Rhythm Cross). Leon Dove and Scott Leadbitter found a great way of using free to use BMX Tracks, which are popping up around the country, to organise fun and relaxed race days which became immediately popular. These smaller competitions on the open tracks lead up to a grand finale at the indoor HSBC UK National Cycling Centre in Manchester. With help from Rich Sykes and sponsorship from Morley Glass the final was run with precision and resulted in a brilliant afternoon, and a mug for everyone! RhythmX is a series which is only going to get bigger and better, not only with riders but with spectators too.

Check out the action below with an edit from Amon Shaw (and Crew):

So, what’s next?

Just because the centre’s are closing and everything is going cold it doesn’t mean you have to stop riding. Take a look at the Rem Article from the archives to see what you can do during the Winter months:

Wintspiration – Ideas for Winter!

That’s all for now, peace!

Word, pictures and videos by Andy Rolfe (unless told otherwise)