UK Series ’13 PrizeGiving & Cleeve ride out

The weekend of Saturday 5th & sunday 6th October saw a whole load of wheelieboard riders & fans descend upon Gloucester & Cheltenham for the final big event of the year…


Yes it was the last busy meet-up of the 2013 comp season, with the ATBA crew holding the infamously applause-fuelled prize giving, and the very awesome 5th Annual ATB Junkies Mountainboard Film Festival that evening.

Bugs Boarding in Maisemore near Gloucester was the host centre for Saturday’s fun, and it was a throbbing hub of activity!

There were mountainboard lessons going on all day, teams of friends sessioning the jib/slopestyle and bx track, little kids screaming down in grass sledges & dirt-scooters, the ATBA having their AGM (ie running through plans for next season), The Junkies & friends setting up the big screen, and generally loads of catching up. Riders in attendance included all the Bugs crew -AJ, Joe Diamond etc, the Daydream Crew -Amon, Emlyn, Will, Ben, Matt, & Connor (-enjoying being back on a board!), Daf and some of The Bitches yo, Em & Shane Tricky Media, Abbie Carter, Steve Birkbeck, Bieran S-M, Mark Peck, Ant Wilson, Phil DHH and loads more, including huge contingents from Ironsides, PUATB & Pixel Distort, Hales Superbole, and team Trampa. Ooh and Cheb & the NEAT boarders (nice Jag Andy!) and Shred Sussex. And more that i forgot haha.

Post catch-ups, lunch, and some cool centre riding came prize giving, with lunges galore and hilarious stand-ins. Special shouts to Mangus & Rachel LR for being the most absentees, Micky ‘hasn’t he grown’ Morris for stylish dismounts, Harry J for taking the Andre La Roche Memorial Trophy, Mark S for being his fiance Jenna (?!), and all the hard working ATBA crew!

Find out who took what positions in BX, Freestyle, Downhill, Team Challenges, and Final Overall Rankings on the 2013 ATBA-UK Results page.

Then came sundown, the Trampa & Remolition BBQ got fired up, and the Film Festival got under way- but more detail on all that magnificent visual shizfest in the separate Remolition report.

The evening carried on well into the morning with the usual fireside mountainboarder madness of chatting nonsense and laughing about frisbee burgers, free riding, cock fighting, fire breathing, double dj sound battles, reminiscing, planning road trips, sore nips, and there you go- Bob’s your dodgy lodger mate.

Here’s what some of that all looked like 🙂


So obviously everyone was a bit muggy bonehead in the ayem, which suited the misty morning weather. Some motivated riders hit the slopes of Bugs once more while others fuelled themselves with brekkie, caffeine, and whatever other substances they needed to get going 🙂

 Then, motivated by the sun burning the mist off coupled with Steve B badgering everyone, it was decided that a nice sunday visit to Cleeve Hill would be the perfect way to finish the last big meet of the year (free ride sessions aside!). There were also many peeps in attendance who had never ridden this hallowed place, and it’s real close (you can see it from the centre’s entrance), so said our goodbyes, gave big thanks and mountainboarder man-hugs to Bugs Boarding.

Arriving at Cleeve, the mountainboarders took over the parking lay-bys with assorted vans and grubby cars. Heading up onto the hill, avoiding sheep doo, we made the camp halfway up Breakers- one of the main runs. There’s loads you can do from here, taking in massive banks, drops and alternative lines. The sun shone and the riding got under way. Lovely.

Here’s what some of it looked like 🙂

When everyone had had their fill it was time for a final descent and head back to the motors for that most dignified pastime of stripping in a public place. A few of us headed to The Rising Sun for a cheeky jar before hitting the road, and that was it, another end of season weekend done.


What a great family mountainboarders are; welcoming, encouraging, understanding, mickey-taking, fun having, gnar shredding, accepting. And possibly bad smelling.

2013 has been a wicked year for UK events; there’s been Centre based comps like A Game of XBP, Back yard Jams @ RBYJS, 2 x radical Cream Teas, and thanks to the ATBA, the UK Championships featuring 3 rounds of awesome BX & Freestyle and 4 rounds of exciting Downhill. Phew. You can find reports on all these events here on Remolition of course!

Big shout-outs to Sponsors who make the UK championships prize baggies well worth winning: Pleisure Holidays, ATBShop, Trampa, MBS Europe, Boardology, SuperSaturated and, er, Remolition 😉

All that remains is to say thanks to all the riders & organisers: with your dedication and participation, the UK scene is flippin’ great, and we can all be very proud. Let’s keep it up and make 2014 even bigger and better. Believe!

words & pics by Dan Wilson