UK Series ’14 – Round 6

Double time! Come with us to Ironsides for round 6 of the UK’s BX, DH & FS Mountainboard Championships


Combining the much loved Listicle with delectable photos (from Dan Wilson & Andy Rolfe), we bring you this Extra Tasty event report from Round 6 at Ironsides MBC in Hereford, 16 & 17th August 2014.

Run it!




Seven Reasons you needed to be there

1.       Ironsides (Court Farm) is the longest running centre on the ATBA Scene

2.       The racing was on the black run

3.       There ain’t no party like an Ironsides party (except maybe an S-Club party)

4.       Rachel La Roche’s (breakfast) baps

5.        You heart trolley planking

6.        Dancing

7.       To find out who this ‘Matt Brind’ kid is.



Five Best BoarderX Moments

1.      Harry Jessop cutting up Micky Morris crazy headspin crash

2.     Teeny Brad Sykes showing all out determination in taking on the track, no matter how many stacks

3.      Bobby Rusu ‘aving it and lovin’ it, and just missing his UK podium (4th in Masters)

4.     Matt Brind vs James Wanklyn overtaking fest final

5.     James then getting his first BX gold in the season so far!



Five Best Downhill Moments

1.       Connor S & Cheb 1/2 second showdown

2.       Mini Matt Belatatti low down and faaaaaast

3.       Micky Morris’ 2 run wonder Bronze Medal

4.      Joe Dickson exploding out of the trees like a goddamn man possessed (and just missing out on podium!)

5.       Sam Cooke disbelief at getting 3rd place! 


Six Phrases of the Weekend

1.       “I’ll be fine, I’ve had concussion before…”

2.      “i don’t like the anti-berm.”

3.     “nice stickers!”

4.     “Marshmallows. With jam in… I don’t know what creative genius thought of that.”

5.     “More shots? okay but make sure mine’s pink & has extra whipped cream”

6.     “Africaaaa!”

7.     ” Apparently Richard Gere tried to put a hamster up someone’s a***”




Top 10 Freestyle Best Bits

1.       Andy Dumelow’s backflip

2.       James Wanklyn’s switch backside Mindy Flip

3.       Matt Brind not doing up his heelstraps

4.       Beamish slams

5.       Raph La Roche’s cartwheel on the hip

6.       Piers Sutton’s hand plant to face in the quarter

7.       The announcement of Tyler “School Challenge Champion” Harvey’s arrival

8.       The Wanklyn’s crazy close flip trains

9.       The BugsBoarding crew’s tie dye uniform

10.      Will Wright keepin’ on keepin’ on


 12 Mind-Blown ideas of the Weekend

1.       Ironsides DH Track

2.       Full BX AND DH all on a saturday arvo

3.       Inside Lines

4.       Putting Sam Nicholas on commentary

5.       Not standing on top of the first left hand berm

6.       Wanklyn Trains

7.       Actual Remolition Sauce

8.       Bon Jovi ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ in Double Time

9.        Going to bed early (around 2am)

10.       Matt Gaydon’s funky freestyle lounge

11.       Chilli, Jacket potatoes, burgers, hot dogs AND shot bar. 

12.      Mexican Ponchos


Top Ten Highlights of the Weekend

1.       All the action of the BX racing on the Black Run

2.       The close timing battles for the top spots on the Pro’s DH podium… again

3.       The whole setup of BBQ/Shots bar/Band/Bonfire by Ironsides crew.

4.       Late night firestaff and light up juggling session

5.       The epic Pro Train to finish of the freestyle

6.       Foampit shenanigans

7.       Thumb-press hand shakes (erm)

8.      The quality of medal-acceptance lunge

9.       Cheb & Tom’s Dance off

10.      You pick x

 Full results here!


Big thanks riders.

BIG UP spectators, documenters, and:

ATBA-UKIronsides, Spirit Kreek, ATBShop, Trampa, Stitched, MBS Europe

Woop 🙂