UK Series ’14 Vidfest

A compilation of vids from every round of the 2014 UK Series

2014 ATBAUK Series-medalCentresmall-SERIESThe exciting ATBA Series ’14  once more featured Boardercross, Freestyle and Downhill disciplines with the usual categories all covered. Riders challenged themselves and each other, old rivalries raised the tension, and spectators loved the thrill that is competitive mountainboarding.

Here is a special playlist featuring all the rounds, with a bonus vid from the rescheduled round 7.  Re-live loads of classic moments: watch them all together for a feature-length overdose of British mountainboard action! Rather splendid, such whimsical japes we do have 🙂  What what…




All films by ATBA-UK, from their YouTube Channel.

Filming & editing by Simon Neck, Harry Jessop, Andy Rolfe and more: see credits of individual film for more details.

Find all the results and comp info at the ATBA-UK website

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