UK Series ’15 – Round 2 in Scotland

Boardercross & Downhill racing in Perthshire at the 2nd exciting leg of the ATBA-UK Series

Aye pal, the pure mental UK Championships wound their way to St.Magdalenes Hill, mid-June 2015. Dan Wilson reports…


The awesome public track (created with mountainboards in mind) was groomed to perfection for the racing, having been lovingly raked & strimmed. Local host Allan Gray who helped create the course early noughties said it was looking better than new!

It is perhaps surprising that it is one of the shorter BX tracks around, yet it has possibly the best feature layout going; all the riders loved the flow, the ‘proper’ rollers, the unique 2 big final features (step up, step down) and the rad riding surface in general. And it was running quick.

Quite a few riders had made the considerable journey and camped the night (in a great spot right next to the course & uplift track), ready for a full-on saturday of great riding action.

With 3 riders racing head to head and categories merged, the BX was exciting, funny, scary, and fun. The stand-out stories have to be: Harry Jessop beating Leon Dove for the first time ever to win a tightly contested Masters final by half a wheel therefore purging some personal demons.

Matt & Andy Brind racing each other surprisingly for the first time ever in an official competition!

Morgan Price and Connor Smout making a high-speed connection into a berm, then Scott Leadbitter ploughing right through the middle making a plume of dust so big it could probably be seen from Edinburgh.

Will Molyneux taking 3rd in his first ever Pro BX competition (having just stepped up from the Juniors), beating the current Seniors BX champ, an ex-Seniors BX champ and the World BX number 5 to do it.

And big congrats to gold medal winner Jack Chew (a recent returnee to mountainboarding) for keeping Matt Brind in his wake and so taking his first Pro win…

Later the same day, the uplift took everyone for repeated runs of the The Downhill Course

It was the same route as last year but running quicker, taking in all sorts of terrain with different riding skills required on each section, like techie tracks, speed-tuck section, chicanes, and off-camber corners.

Several riders chose to ride with brakes which kept things under a little more control, but everyone got quicker as the afternoon went on with most riders managing to beat their times from last year.

Dale Goodwin & Will Molyneux smashed their previous best by a massive 12 seconds, and even those who hadn’t ridden it before managed fast runs, like Mutton Sutton who got third place on a run that threw no less than 2 dogs into his path: he missed them both, unlike The Purple Cavalier who actually clipped one pooch :-0 Luckily it was fine 🙂

Dan Kernahan was also riding like a beast before over-cooking a tasty right then catching an edge to broken arm… A proper trooper, he was more gutted he couldn’t carry on riding and was back with us for the evening bbq and banter!

The headline story though has to be Andy ‘Sunglasses’ Brind taking second in the Pros – storming from 5th into 2nd place in only 2 runs, snatching it from Andy  Dumelow by only 0.04 seconds!


Read all the results at the

Finally, big thank you‘s and without whom this event would not happen:

The riders, helpers & spectators, Allan and all at Perth & Kinross Council, the lovely sponsors and even lovelier ATBA-UK Team. Cheers Pal!