UK Series Round 2 at Hales Superbole

What? Round 2 of the UK Series 13. Where? Hales Superbole. Who? Three riders who raced, jumped, and partied their way through the weekend. Why? Because they saw it, did it, and smelt it.



So the weekend began like most others for me, finish college, go home, eat, shower, go to work, get my traditional after work cheesy chips and head home. However this time I wasn’t home for the evening, I had to head up to Hale’s Superbole for Round 2 of the ATBA-UK championships! So as I left at 11pm, I set myself for a long night. The drive was long and boring as you might expect.I arrived in the early early hours of Saturday morning to drizzle, and after reading weather reports I figured it would be a long weekend.

Then came race day! And the conditions were ideal, and the new race system meant that an awesome day was had, not just for riders but spectators too! Every race was tight and too hard to call. Definitely some of my favourite racing of all time, and I tend to hate racing haha. Everyone rode so insanely well! Alex Smith stood out for me most I reckon, dominating the seniors the entire day! Amon Shaw also rode amazingly and was a surprise too considering it was his first boarderx competition and came 4th in the pro’s. But big Tom D was the main show in the finals, he had lightning reactions out the gates all day, and when it came to the Pro finals he was no different, he got out the gate first, and across the finish line first, what more needs to be said. Once racing finished and prize giving was done with, the evenings entertainment began, and one band featured Ironside’s very own, James Hirst, who covered awesome music like ben howard, and the second one somehow had us all moshing to country and folk music! Which I really don’t understand haha.

Sunday morning was good, the sun was poking its head out from behind the clouds and the freestyle was good and dry, so practice went on and people were beginning to throw down some sweet tricks. First up was the Groms, ladies and Juniors, all were throwing down 1’s 3’s and even the odd flip in the juniors, making it very hard to judge! In Jam number 2 it was the seniors masters and pro’s turn! Again everyone was throwing down trying to get on top of the podium. In the masters we saw 360’s, 180’s, 180’s on and off the jumps courtesy of Harry Jessop, it was crazy! The seniors saw some huge air, massive 3’s, backflips and frontflips! The pro’s as always was really close at the top. As the jam began all I thought I wanted from it was frontside and backside rodeo’s. So my first run was a general speed check, run number 2 was when the first attempt went surprisingly well, and about 5tries later the backflip bs360 finally came round and damn was I stoked. During this time riding went gnarly as ever, the pro’s were going crazy, James and Matt were dropping switch, doing cab 1’s, 3’s 5’s and even switch 7’s and frontflips! Emyln was going styley as always and throwing big 3’s, Tom D was going huge, Mark Adams started going for the 7 on the last kicker! Ben wanklyn went for the bs5 on the 2nd. Overall it was a sweeet day.

I think that can be said for the entire weekend as well though, the racing was amazing, and the freestyle was awesome! Absolutely cannot wait for Ironside’s now too see what crazy sheenanigans go down there! Thanks to the ATBA-UK and everyone at Hales for having us!

Andy Brind



I had a feelin’ it was going to be a good weekend when there was no traffic issues across the Pennines and on the M62. Arriving midday, we were one of the first to land. Sooner or later familiar faces of friends rolled up one after the other. It was really good to be back at a comp again.

Saturday morning came, and we all woke to dry northern skies. Race on!! After a couple hours of good practice runs we were on it. Mixing up the the qualifiers was interesting, putting clumsy masters in with young athletes, changes everyone’s game! (sorry again Chloe). After a short, well needed breather,we started the knock outs. My first race was between just me and my mate Raph la Roche. Raph’s a masters legend and I love racing with him. It’s always close. After a rerun it was one a piece, so all good. My mind was on Bradley’s race though. As I waited trackside, he dropped in and took a stack on the first rollers, where he had stacked every run previously. After seeing he was ok, he wanted to keep going so I helped him on his way. With Brad still having a lot of growing to do (he’s seven), he simply wasn’t heavy enough to get over certain features. So I ended up running the whole track to help him on his way between my runs! Semi final time. Me and team mate Harry really pumped…too pumped…then over pumped…and Harry stacked it. I got a wobble and lost speed giving the final to a more chilled out Phil de Havilland-Hhall and Matt Gaydon. Brad’s in the Groms final! In the gates, staring at the roller that kept beating him up all day. He drops in…and nails em!! A huge cheer from everyone had him pumped! Between him and Harry Thomas all the way until the last berm. They both slipped out, and Harry got up quicker beating Bradley to the line. Brad was stoked, I was stoked, and very proud he took part.
Being at the finish, I got to see the outcome of the other finals. So happy to see my mate, and fellow Yorkshireman Alex Smith absolutely smashing it and taking gold back to Another World Mountainboard Centre, in Halifax! And how could I forget!! My buddy Tom Donaldson owning the pro final!! Such good riding!!
It was a great day all round. I was happy, Brad was happy. Mountainboarding makes people happy
That was our boardercross day.


Night Time


Sunday kicked off with eggs, bacon and sausages from ape bars and many hangovers being shaken off. After a slightly late start the freestylers donned their pads and began to practise on Superbole’s gnarly dirt jumps. They were running a lot faster than the day before and people were already going big on all 3 jumps, especially Mark Adams with his floaty 3s and 5s.

When everyone had got to grips with the speed and height of the jumps and had a play in the foam pit, a rider’s meeting was called – the first jam was to feature the groms, ladies and juniors. This year’s groms were killing it with big airs, 180s and even backside 360s on the formidably huge tabletops of Hales Superbole and it quickly became clear that these guys are going to be the future of mountainboarding. The ladies were also pushing themselves to go bigger and faster, throwing in some steezy grabs and 180s. True to form, the juniors hit the jumps with speed, style and technicality, with some awesome frontside 360s from the ever-progressing duo – Connor Tyson and Will McAuley.

The second jam played host to the seniors, masters and pros. In the masters Raph La Roche and Harry Jessop fought valiantly for 1st place but Harry won in the end with stylish grabs and a nice 360. In seniors Micky Morris got out of the foam pit and took first with his massive backside 3s. The main event had to be the pro category with everyone trying crazy tricks. Best trick of the weekend would have to go to Andy Brind with his ‘AB Flip’ – a cross between a bs corked 7 and a bs rodeo 3 – closely followed by James Wanklyn’s switch bs corked 7. Amon Shaw got a mctwist in the quarter, Mark Adams landed some stylish 540s and Tom Donaldson was getting the biggest air out of anyone with his super-tweaked grabs. In the end there were just 3 points in it, but everyone’s favourite global superstar – Matt Brind – just beat James Wanklyn to the top spot with his clean 7s, mctwists, switch 5s and bs 5s, all linked together seamlessly.

Emlyn Bainbridge