UK Series – Round 4

Despite the weather being “Scorchio”; Ironsides Mountain Board Centre, Hereford, was packed full of riders from across the country.. and one from Spain! For some of the old timers it was a return to a centre they know and love, for others it was a new and exciting adventure. Either way it was a weekend packed full of action, some guys shared their views with us…


Getting up early on the morning, preparing material and start off the trip by van to the park.

I felt so nervous because the last time that I visited the park it was not really funny but… WOW!!!… when I arrived to the park and I saw lots of people and I have to admit I was surprised: Such a really nice place, amount of modules and two beautiful tracks!!!. My self-confidence started to rise up but first I had to do the inscription, I’m a Spanish rider and I didn’t know if they admitted foreigner’s riders. Of course, they accepted me: in UK all of us are welcomed.

The crew of the ATBAUK was so friendly and got me all the info for the comp, unfortunately I only could stay for the BX comp and only did inscription on it. Due to the boiling day we were suffering, the comp was delayed until 4pm and that was great news because let me train in both the both tracks.P1250427

4pm the races started and a lot of riders and me were towed by two wonderful persons driving a tractor and a car to the top of the hill, it was a pleasure not to have to walk.

During the comp I met a lot of riders, Rich, Scott, Raph “the boss”, Noggin, James, Tom etc., who made me feel like if I were at home.

The races were really funny and clean, lots of crashes and overtakings and too much adrenaline.

After four rounds I could get to the final and my mood was so happy. It was a really hard race between Noggin and me but finally Mark won (thx man for the race).

About the park I have only good words to say, it’s a lovely place with lovely people and the tracks are bestial. All the parts of the orange track are in the correct position, so it is a super technical track, really good either to beginners and pro’s. The black track… uff!…. is so faster and funny. The freestyle zone is sick! Lots of jumps with the perfect transition, you don’t need a lot of strength to do big tricks and they have a biiiig quarter pipe with two sizes.

It was a super-day to me. I have now a lot of new friends and really good memories of one of the best parks I’ve ever visited. Thx to all the Ironside’s court farm staff, I expect to come back again.

Flavio Vilamajor





Well, Where to start with round 4 of the ATBA-UK series? Such an amazing weekend, with such an amazing standard of riding. When I got there on the Friday morning, the sun was beating down and happy faces were seen, it was all really cool until a few hours later when everyone realised the sun was a hindrance rather than a help, but we still pushed through, still people enjoyed it, enjoying the freestyle, enjoying the track, enjoying mountain boarding.

Friday night was amazing, after it started getting dark, the lights were up in the foam pit, and an incredible night session followed, sick tricks were getting thrown down, especially by Emlyn Bainbridge, throwing down crazy spins! But as everything does, the night session ended and everyone went to bed, conserving their energy for the racing.P1250965

Saturday morning came, and after a quick foam pit session practice began. The black was running so fast, and everyone was getting a bit anxious, not only that, but the heat was beating down hard on everyone, so it was decided that the racing would be held off till 4, and that it would be held on the orange run for all apart from the Groms, who decided that they wanted to race on the black! Big up the Groms!!!

The racing was insane, with overtakes everywhere, nothing anybody predicted happened! So after the racing finished and everyone drank lots of water, it was the prize giving. To me the most surprising thing that day was in the seniors, with an Ironside one two and three on the podium, with Teige Stewart taking first, James Hirst taking second, and me Micky Morris taking third.

After a long (well needed) sleep, Sunday came, and wow was this day good, first of all we had the Groms, Ladies, Juniors, and Masters, we saw 3’s from the Groms, flips and spins from the Juniors, grabs from the Ladies, and well I think the best trick from the masters goes to Rich Sykes, for his handplant tap thingy, at the top of the coping on the quarter pipe!

Matt Wright was there absolutely killing it with huge steezy spins and backflips, but just missed out on 1st place to Angus MacDonald with his huge floaty frontflips!!

The second jam consisted of the Seniors and Pro’s, in the Seniors we saw sick spins, flips, grabs and bails, in the Pro’s we saw insane spins, flips, and grabs, I have two tricks of the day, one trick of the day goes to Matt Brind for his insane backflip one footer! So much steeze and so much style! The other goes to Ed Richardson for backfliping the first table, how he did that, no one knows!

Also the biggest thankyou to Raph La Roche for taking this centre and turning it into the wonderful place it is now, so much hard work went into this weekend so everyone say a big thanks to him!!!! And getting two podiums as well! Well done!!!

All in all one of the best comps I’ve ever been to and wow there was so much talent there! Definitely get to the next comp to see more of all this!

Micky Morris

Another year means another amazing competition at everybody’s favourite farm! The weather was definitely on our side but in true British fashion we still managed to have a whinge and postpone racing till 4. Big thanks to the uplift drivers for making it possible and making racing a lot more bearable!

Watching the groms storm the black track was pretty special and was ace to see Fiona secure a well deserved first win. Saw some incredible racing but very disappointed that James beat me in the qualifiers after my 2 year winning streak but very proud that he got his first medal!

Sunday was host to some insane freestyle including nollie front flips, blackflips off a kicker and the masters proving that they are not past there best haha. So good to see the standard increasing year on year, soon we will take over the world.

Thanks to everyone for a perfect funfilled orange weekend!

Chloe Chew

Well, What a weekend!!!

This is the second Comp I’ve been to and fair play it was awesome!!

The weather was amazing and Ironsides was looking well trimmed up.

All the jumps were riding really smooth and the third jump has been touched up and is a beaut. The higlights for me was watching the groms battle it out in boarder x on the black run, Matt and Angus nailing some huge flips in the freestyle and watching Matt Brind effortlessly throwing down some world class runs.

I ended up coming 3rd in the senior freestyle. Super happy and was good to see such a good number of people competing. Bring on the next round

Daf Price

 Ironsides round 4, very organised and easy for a first time rider to sign on and find out what was going on. Amazing setting for the competition as a spectator / mum had really good views of the downhill track and the freestyle runs.

On a whole great weekend sun shining. Fantastic show of skills and brilliant camaraderie shown by all involved everyone supporting each other this is what all sports should be like .

Amanda Knox

 All the results can be found on the ATBA Website


Pictures taken by Andy Rolfe, many thanks to all and see you at Round 5!