UK Series Round 6 – Dunkeld, Scotland

A famous comedian once said to get somewhere in Scotland, you have to go uphill; to get back, you have to go uphill again. Luckily for ATBA-UK’s Round 6 in Dunkeld, Scotland, this was proved very wrong as the riders hurtled down a fast and challenging track sculpted by locals Allan Gray and Dave McBean.


I say hurtled, for some riders it was more tumbling; in one run I’m pretty sure Matt Brind did more front flips than an average Pro freestyle session. Needless to say, every rider put in a solid full run in order to set a good time down the track.

Will Molyneux achieved the only sub 2 minute time of the juniors, by battling the much harder wooded line, to take the lead in the category. Angus ‘Mangus’ MacDonald picked up an injury to his leg during a strong run through the wooded section of the track, calling an end for him half way through the day, nevertheless he managed to get a fast run in to come second. Cameron Hopkins also put in a strong show, completing the track and coming 5th in his first ATBA-UK event.

It was all to play for the two ladies in the event, with both of them putting in good times down the firetrack and Emmeline showing how gutsy female mountainboarders really are by tackling the woodland track, and putting in the better time to take the top medal in the Ladies category, putting Rachel La Roche in second place.

P1270655All the competitors in the Masters, Seniors and Pro categories took on the wooded line down the track, rather than carving down the firetrack. Despite being a shorter route, the wooded section was extremely challenging with a lot of roots, ruts, drops and sketchy corners to throw you off course. Phil De Havilland-Hall and Harry Jessop managed to keep local Allan Gray off the podium, taking third and second respectively, but it wasn’t enough to keep Dave McBean from achieving a first on his local track. With that said, Harry had matched Dave’s time down the track, but just lost out on previous run times.

Mark Hale started off a little sketchy but got to grips with the track through-out the day to lay down a strong time as the only Senior in the competition. However the Pro category was definitely the one to watch.

All the Pro riders put down their fastest runs on brakeless boards and all 4 riders put in a time of 1 minute 40 seconds or lower. Ben Wanklyn cruised down the track without his older brother breathing down his neck, as James was resting ready for the World BoarderX Champs in Serbia. However little Mark Adams blasted down the track with a unique style and immense control to take third in the category. Mark was the rider who surprised me the most down the track, I think it’s fair to say he looked as though he had the most control out of all the riders and really put in some fear to the older, more experienced pros during the battle for the top podium spots.

I think it was expected for the day to end with a battle for first between Matt Brind and Bieran Martlew, and the last few runs was exactly that. Matt Brind claimed he was going to take it easy, with a big stack earlier in the month and the comp in Serbia round the corner; nevertheless he put in very fast, solid run and absolutely dominated the harsh wooded section of the track. However the Mountainboard gods were on the side of Bieran on Saturday. Whilst blasting through wooded section, Bieran launched himself off one drop clearing another one immediately after it. Despite landing clean the amount of speed from this caused him to roll onto his back; only to land on his wheels, pointing in the right direction and not losing that much speed. Finishing the rest of the run clean enabled him to set the fastest run of all the boarders and seal first place in the Pros category.

The day finished nicely back at camp for prize giving, a game of Frisbee, deep fried Mars Bars and a couple of drinks around a fire; the usual brilliant finish to another ATBA-UK Competition.



Full results can be found here. The next, and last round in the ATBA-uk Series will be in Wales, check out the ATBA-UK Website for more details.

Words and pictures by Andy Rolfe